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This mods aims for more Traffic, Peds and Cops on the Streets of Los Santos!
This brings the game to more realism, like Los Angeles.
The will be more traffic and cars at all, but not at all parts of the map.
In downtown, for example, there will always be more traffic and people than in Sandy Shores.
The amount of people also depends on the time of the day, for example, there will always be more traffic during rush hours, while at 4 AM the streets are quit empty.
Also, the amount people hanging and walking around the streets are more balanced,
at the main parts of the city and beaches there will be way more people, but at certain times and certain places you will also not see almost anyone, to bring the game to a more realistic level.

Also, police will now patrol the streets of Los Santos, using cars and patroling on foot.
The amount of police to spawn is depending on the parts of the city and the time.
So, in the Gang Areas, especially at night. Also, sometimes Noose Swat Units will be seen in those areas.
SAHP is patroling the Highways, while the Sheriff is seen in Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay.
Sometimes, FIB agents are hanging out in Pillbox Hill, outside of the FIB Building.

Instructions how to make this mod usable with other mods like World of Variety or other Game versions are included in the .README.

Also, i hope you are all healthy and stay strong during COVID-19!

OpenIV is required for installation.
This mod is working on the newest Game Version 1.0.2372, but it will be updated if nessecary. It works with other versions or other Mods if you configurate gameconfig.xml.
Don't forgett to create a mods folder!
For exact install location in different languages, read the readme included.
to have the max amount of peds, increase the number set in your game settings. If this causes your game to have issues with performance, lower the value
If you have any bugs or suggestions to report, use the comment section or this discord channel:

Version 1.3 (Version 1.3.1309.21.2372)
-did some minor changes to gameconfig.meta in order to balance the traffic and the amount of peds to spawn
-popcycle.dat updated
-did some minor changes in order to prevent bugs or crashes
-added support for newest game version 2372
-added informations about ingame-errors related to this mod
Version 1.2 (Version 1.2)
-improved maximum amount of peds and cars to spawn
-balances the amount of cars to spawn at night
-less peds will spawn in early morning hours in most parts of the city, to keep the game more realistic (balances the values)
-balances the amount of peds to spawn at Los Santos Downtown
Version 1.1.3 (v.
-added support for latest game version (2245)
Version 1.1.2 (v.
-added support for latest game version (2215)
-added informations about modified gameconfig.dat to make it usable with newest WoV and other Game Versions.
Version 1.1 (v. 1.1.012)
- lowered base vehicle/ped number for better low-pc performance
- increased max vehicle and max peds-for-vehicles numbers
- balanced ped and vehicle amount at sandy-shores and paleto bay
-supported game version: 2189 cayo perico heist update
- increased value for cops to spawn, because of problems seeing cops walking around the city
Version 1.0 (v. 1.0.301.21)
-ininital launch
-supported game version: 2189 cayo perico heist update
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