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  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @M8T Nice mod but I had already some bugs. When I went to scope the casino I was near the "wifi" icon but nothing happened. I bypassed that by changing in the ini file scope to true. But when I tried to steal the Hard Drive from the FIB building, nothing happens. When I enter the Communications room, the Hard Drive is there, the bag is loaded, the prompt appears but when I press the suggested button nothing happens. The player can freely move and the bag and the HD stay at place. Please see the image: Thanks.

    8 hours ago
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    Very nice! I am testing the update at the time. Is there any way to disable the right D-pad key (the one you use for your character to speek)? When I press it some info about the available busses appear that wasn't in the previous version and I would prefer not to have it appear every time that I press the button. The ENABLECUSTOMENTERKEY and ENABLECUSTOMDISPLAYKEY are set to False by default. Thanks.

    2 dager siden
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @Dealien Thanks! That wil do the trick. My bad. I' ve looked at it but didn't see it. Keep it up mate!

    5 dager siden
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @Dealien I was robbing the vault of a Fleeca bank with a danistheman262's mod when suddenly there was music playing. Since I had made so many times these kind of heists I didn't have a clue where it was coming from. After a bit, I went back to the entrance where my partner (who likes dancing) was dancing to the music…from a portable radio on the floor!! Details like that keep the game surprising! Excellent work as always mate! Just wondering if it would be possible (by default or in an ini file) not to allow the partners to buy any explosive rounds weapons (RPG, grenade launcher etc) since they always end up blowing themselves or/and the player up in a firefight. Thanks & keep up the great job!

    7 dager siden
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    To anyone who has tried this mod: In the instructions says create a folder named DispatchGhostFix\scripts. So how can you name a folder including the \ which is a special symbol and can't be included in a file's name? Thanks.

    13. september 2023
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @xCheveyo No. I have purchased back in 2019 the Bikermods one and I am telling you it was a crap especially for the $20 it costed. It was a nice model with small size, but with absolutely no LODs. It disappeared in a very short distance. So when a NPC was riding it it was like he/she was riding on thin air until it was getting real close to the player. kjb33 model is a very decent work.

    6. september 2023
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @EVLOGITOS 5 stars here too. I've seen your reply in GTAinside. Thanks. Check out if you can add the manager (or a scene in the manager's office). Εξαιρετικό το avatar σου. Lol! Καλή συνέχεια!

    4. september 2023
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @jay ricardo Nice improvement! I like the fact that it appears with different extras in traffic. Like gunziness suggested I would love to see the model with different off road wheels. Those which appear in your Vapid Cara mod would be nice ( Thanks!

    24. august 2023
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    @Evandrotorquato Would you please consider to release a separate mod where both the helmets and the mask included in this mod will have the format of head insted of berd and hair. (eg. head_005_u instead of hair_005_u). That way we could replace some of the vanilla hats and masks with your fantastic models. it is pitty not to be able to do so. I've tried to rename the files but it doesn't work as they do not appear on the protagonists at all as hats or masks. Thanks!

    20. august 2023
  • F228b9 jolly  2 painted 2

    Great! And all the helmets work fine with the protagonists, so at last we can have NVGs helmets for them. Keep it up!

    17. august 2023