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Patriotic Message billboard

“America. The greatest country in the universe. But other countries threaten our freedom. They have our oil. It's time to take it back.”
(Invade and Persuade II)
That’s right! But we don’t just take what is rightfully ours. We exchange it with Freedom ® and Democracy ® by taking down the bad, against our interests regimes and replace them with good, obedient ones.
We modernize them by blowing up their obsolete infrastructures and building contemporary ones with our construction companies, funded by our money, lent generously by our banks, with our terms. And when our business will be over, we’ll pack up and leave, leaving them with brand new and shiny -so to speak- countries and a hell of a dept.
After all, things are simple: If the ones that we are fighting against are the “bad guys” and “savages”, that makes us the good guys and the civilized ones, right? Exactly! So support our Troops and Private Military Contractors by supporting us, their sponsors.
Buy our products, merchandise and services and remember: By supporting Us you are supporting Them! And vice versa.

This is a texture mod which adds the "Patriotic Message" billboard to a central spot of the busy Joshua road, Blaine County.

-In the satiric spirit of GTA with fitting in design and colors!
-With realistic dirt effects!
-Two options to choose from:
Original or with graffiti (perhaps made by some hippies from the trailer park...)!
-Full LODs!
-Easy installation (backup is included)!
-Show your active support by downloading this mod!

Credits & Acknowledgments: The images and logos used are property of their respective owners.
Big thanks to CatEva for artistic recommendations and support.

Installation instructions and links to my other mods in the read me file.

-For Paypal Donations:

Thank you for downloading! Enjoy!

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