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  • Wade

    @Zemanez Thanks for the update on the bodyguard issue! But what use is a bodyguard without a weapon? :P Jokes aside, I've read in the comments that other trainers are managing spawning bodyguards just fine after the latest update, maybe reach out to other devs and see how they solved it?

    8. august 2022
  • Wade

    @iBug I second this, would be cool to be able to catch up and see what new features have been added if not playing for a couple of months

    14. april 2021
  • Wade

    Got the mod working fine but for some reason in the helicopter there is an alarm every time i tilt to either side or forward or back... disabling this mod makes it go way. How do I turn it off? Its kind of annoying...

    21. august 2020
  • Wade

    How does the modify skin feature for bodyguards work? What do I type in the box? Other bodyguard mods let you edit the character model just like when modifying the players skin, is this possible?

    4. mars 2020
  • Wade

    Has anyone else noticed that the Diamond Casino is missing textures during daytime? The window textures right at the top of the building are invisible during the day so parts of the top are see-through. Any way to fix this?

    19. desember 2019
  • Wade

    @Slash_Alex Any idea why sometimes the car and minimap shake/shudder when I use the "hold to exit" function that allows me to power off the engine when getting out? Its been like that for the past couple of versions of the trainer. Its not cars and not every time, but if you play around with a few different cars youre bound to notice it! Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    2. august 2019
  • Wade

    @Zemanez In some vehicles when I hold F to turn off the engine and exit, the vehicle sort of shakes/shudders for a second while the engine powers off. Any idea why? This is not new to this version of the trainer, has been like that for at least the last three versions.

    29. juli 2019
  • Wade

    Ive got this mod installed and working - I get the speed and the heat trails but no sonic boom and no visual smoke effect?? All settings are as they should be. Help!

    2. februar 2018
  • Wade

    @bizzlezx10r What if you make the background color of the logos a few shades darker than the one on the ATM? It seems the game makes the logo image a lighter color so if you compensate for that by making it "too dark" maybe it will come out correct in-game?

    6. januar 2016
  • Wade

    @tall70 Aha I understand, the rivets look cool, would be awesome to have both them and liveries :) ill be eagerly waiting to see what you come up with!

    23. desember 2015