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  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    You'll need to make sure you've got the Tuners update installed. The last 2 options are related to slamming and donking your vehicle.

    If the XML is in a format ENT recognises - there should be an option in the object spawner submenu to load the file.

    Is your game updated? If it's not - ENT tried adding a weapon you don't have the DLC to use.

    4 hours ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Disable the "run in interiors" option. It puts you into a combat stance so you can run, and the fastest way to do that is to give you a wanted level.

    Have you tried verifying your game files?

    That would be up to Alex. We can't skip or rewind in-game music as we just use the same code R* uses to play music during missions and scripted events.

    12. januar 2022
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    I was working on re-implementing that functionality but had to shelve it for a while due to sudden events.

    At the moment you can just rebind the controller keys to -1 to disable them (would recommend 2 configs - 1 with binds and one without. Just swap them in when you want it disabled).

    4. januar 2022
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    @Slash_Alex may be the best person to ask as this is one of his features.

    Is your game updated? ENT uses a memory offset which is version dependant to work. If you're running an old game version (pirated etc) then it'll just return garbage.

    30. desember 2021
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    The last page has options for slamming or donking your vehicle which was introduced in the Tuners update which is likely what you're crashing.

    @Vince Romano @gman847 @WebbCheung

    We use the same native R* uses to swap the maps out so if anything it's something R* broke, and not something broken in ENT itself.

    The new interiors will be added later but if you've got another menu like Menyoo or SNT you can load the online map in ENT and teleport to the interiors using another menu.

    28. desember 2021
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Not without modifying the timecycle file if I remember correctly. There should be a few mods for that on here.

    26. desember 2021
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    As has been mentioned multiple times - ENT will automatically generate the vehicle lists so the only way the vehicles WON'T appear for you is if you've got a pirated version of the game and/or haven't got the DLC installed. This allows older ENT versions to spawn new vehicles without us having to update it (although vehicle previews would be missing).

    The weapons were also added separately and are in update 49.

    25. desember 2021
  • Df5e9e censored avatar
    Pinned Comment

    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 49.0
    • Added missing vehicle previews.
    • Added new “Contract” weapons and attachments.

    Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:
    • Added some online NPCs to use as a skin or to spawn as bodyguards and peds.

    Known Bugs:-
    • Some of the weapon tints (namely MK1 tints) use the incorrect name in ENT. This is a side effect of using the in-game names.
    • Track wheels appear to duplicate their entries. There should be 30 rims, not 220.

    23. desember 2021
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Yes and yes. ENT auto-updates the vehicle list, radio stations and despawn global automatically. The only thing missing is the new interiors, peds and weapons but those will be out soon.

    Yeah we're working on it at the moment.

    22. desember 2021
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    No but the scripthook will either force-close your game or show you a message before kicking you back to SP.

    The vehicles, radio station(s) and despawn global auto-update so you can use the current ENT version with the new update. Vehicle previews, interiors, peds and weapons are just needing to be added.

    20. desember 2021