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    love the mod, an updated version of droid's one that doesn't braak the radios

    still, noticed some issues, mainly small placements on the message above the minimap

    here's a screenshot

    29. desember 2023
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    @Alex106 found a small bug with the mod - issue doesn't happen in vanilla

    happens in several warehouses around the port area, not just the one shown on screenshots, it's only during the night too

    31. august 2022
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    @sjaak327getting back to you after quite some time, lol, I just got back to playing gta again today

    it's still about the changed behaviour of the nocars option;

    I did put nocars2 in the defaults section, but nothing seems to change (vehicles still load and then pops out of existence)
    I tried replacing the nocars line with nocars2 and i also put nocars2=1 line below nocars, still nothing

    23. august 2022
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    love the mod, but noticed one thing - and I don't know if it is intentional that you didn't do it

    in the intro of franklin and lamar, and during the mission, there is a gray tint in the xbox 360
    pc version even with this mod the tint is light blue

    I believe it's fog color?

    20. august 2022
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    I'm not planning to use any mp maps, which files can I safely skip installing?

    16. mars 2022
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    hm, after installing timecycles straight from x360 I noticed some fog colors are different

    on old gen the sunny weather has a grey looking fog, on your mod you kept it blue, why is that?

    8. november 2021
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    @sjaak327 I said the behaviour of the no cars option changed between versions of the trainer

    like, I do expect to see no cars in the street with this option enabled, but still sometimes (during missions for example) there are some scripted traffic events

    in older versions of the trainer, said scripted events played just fine even with the no cars option, but now, the scripoted traffic loads in and then despawn right after

    replay the mission "I fought the law" with no cars enabled with the current vesion of the trainer and then with version 10.8 and you will see what I'm trying to say

    25. januar 2021
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    noticed an issue - in the most recent versions of the trainer when you have the no cars option enabled all the cars are constantly despanwing when the player gets near, even your personal vehicle, and the scripted traffic present on some ocassions (like the race around the country during I fough the law) - the cars just despawn right in front of you (this has nothing to do with dlc vehicles btw)

    I reverted to an older version, 10.8, and this issue does not happen

    22. januar 2021
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    mission passed prompts are not quite right, see comparison

    first link old gen, second link is your mod

    14. oktober 2019