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  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @kjb33 I like this spaceship, is there anyway to increase the speed in it, I found it a bit too slow, kind of sluggish, when flying horizontally also, would it be possible to add liveries to it, maybe as an update for it in the near future, I know the current skin it has is the original for this space craft but, to me it looks kind of cartoonish. I would love to give it different skin textures, something with darker tones, if possible.

    1 hour ago
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @jubelee I find it kind of odd that some of you guys can't spawn some of the vehicles. I don't know what version of the game you got but, me personally I got the latest v2845 (Steam version). If yours is a Steam version and you do exactly what I described above you should also be able to spawn all vehicles from all dlcs. If your game is a Rockstar version you should also be able to spawn all vehicles, Rockstar's version of the game might be slightly different to the Steam version but, if it's a legite copy then functionality should be pretty much the same. If you have a pirated version then I can't help you with that because there's always some type of issue with pirated versions of the game.

    I made a short demo video for you and for whoever happens to come across this post, showing how I added the files to the game and without any interruptions I went straight to the game. I'm able to spawn any vehicles from any dlcs without any issues. Even though simple trainer is not working properly as long as you have both simple trainer's files (TrainerV.asi and trainerv.ini) and the Enhanced Native Trainer folder and EnhancedNativeTrainer.asi installed together in gta 5's main root folder, you should be able to spawn any vehicles. The Enhanced Native Trainer acts as a temporary fix for simple trainer until it gets updated and it works fine for me.

    Since you mentioned the Obey 10F from the Criminal Enterprises dlc and the Karin Boor from the Drug Wars dlc, those were the ones I spawned in the video but, if I wanted to I could've spawned many more from those same specific dlcs but, I just didn't want the video to be any longer than it has to.

    Demo Video >

    I should also point out that you don't need simple trainer or enhanced native trainer to spawn vehicles, I personally don't use simple trainer to spawn vehicles, I only use simple trainer for the other cool features like changing the weather, changing clothes, teleporting and other goodies but, for vehicle spawning I always use the "Add-On Car Spawner" menu > . The Add-On Car Spawner is an awesome mod because you can collect all the vehicles you like and organize 'em into one single cfg file and just spawn 'em at will in the game instead of meticulously looking for a specific vehicle within the simple trainer's menu long list of vehicles. Now don't get me wrong, I do look for vehicles in simple trainer but, only when I'm looking for a specific model that I want to add to my add-on car spawner collection. Another neat thing about the add-on car spawner mod is that you can also categorize your cfg files into vehicle types like I did here >

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    2 hours ago
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @mstfa Once I replace the hammer shark with this Marlin what would be the best areas or coordinates you suggest to spot this Marlin?

    2 dager siden
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @William Halverd I don't mind replacing the hammer shark with this Marlin, I was just confused, I always thought there was only one type of shark in the game all along, the Tiger Shark, I forgot there's also a hammer shark which I've almost never seen because it's usually in deeper waters....the tiger shark, which I replaced with the great white, it's usually seen closer to the shores. There's no need for me to add this as an "add-on", I got way too many add-on dlcs installed in my modded game version already but, thanks for suggesting that link though.

    2 dager siden
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @mstfa I got a question for you, if the Marlin replaces the Tiger Shark how come there was a White Shark taking a bite out of the dead Marlin in your demo video at 2:03? How can you have both, the Marlin and the White Shark in the game? I know there's a mod that replaces the Tiger Shark with the Great White Shark because I already have that mod installed > . What I really wanna know is how can you have both, the Marlin and the White Shark in the game at the same time when gta 5 only has tiger sharks. How did you managed to have both in the game? Gta 5 only has Tiger Sharks and the rest are sting rays, dolphins and fish, there isn't another type of shark you can replace.

    3 dager siden
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @xanderxa If you're also having issues with spawning other vehicles from other dlcs then there's definitely something wrong within your game's archives. Technically you should be able to spawn all vehicles from all dlcs. The only other thing I can suggest is to re-mod your game from scratch. If your game is from Steam you will need to remove or delete the current corrupted modded version you have and then copy the original in that same path so you can verify the integrity of the game files but, only if you bought your game from Steam. If you bought your game directly from Rockstar or you have a pirated version of gta 5 then I can't help you with that.

    If your game is from Steam once you get rid of the modded version and you have the original copy in the correct path then open up Steam in your pc and go to: Games > Grand Theft Auto V > Properties > Local Files and click on the "Verify integrity of game files..." tab. Once the integrity of the game files have been verified make a copy of it and begin modding it again. That can fix the issue.

    3 dager siden
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @xanderxa What type of vehicle you're trying to spawn? If it's an addon you'll also need to add it to the dlclist.xml list which is located at the same path the gameconfig is. If you don't add it to the dlclist.xml then the vehicle won't spawn. Also, like I mentioned above, Simple Trainer needs to be updated, vehicles are not spawning using simple trainer because of a recent Rockstar update that's why you need to follow my instructions above and install the Enhanced Native Trainer in your 'scripts' folder alongside the simple trainer files, that's a temporary fix until simple trainer gets updated.

    Other files you need to have installed as well are the "Heap Limit Adjuster" and the "Packfile Limit Adjuster", both of those files are very important specially if you have a lot of mods installed in your game.

    4 dager siden
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @xanderxa Try what I just posted above ^

    6 dager siden
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    ATTENTION EVERYONE! If you're having issues with vehicles not spawning, for example, you spawn a vehicle and then it says "vehicle delivered", hash = 0, or whatever but the vehicle is nowhere to be found obviously is because Simple Trainer needs to be updated but, this has happened before. Usually it happens when Rockstar makes an update. I was prepared for something like this to happen again so this is how to temporarily fix the problem:

    1- First download " Enhanced Native Trainer Update 51" here >

    2- Then install the files in your main gta 5 directory alongside TrainerV.asi and trainerv.ini, DO NOT DELETE OR REMOVE THE SIMPLE TRAINER FILES!

    3- Now launch the game and open up Simple Trainer menu. Now you should be able to spawn your vehicles. There's no need to open the Enchanced Native Trainer menu unless you want to use it.

    For some reason the enhanced native trainer creates a hot fix when installed together alongside the Simple Trainer files. Once sjaak327 updates simple trainer then you can remove the enhanced native trainer if you want.

    10 dager siden
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    ATTENTION EVERYONE!! If you wanna skip installing all those ybn files from the "Mp Map Collisions" folder manually you can download my oiv package here >

    I updated it for this v13 which includes the additional ybn files for folders: ap1_03, bh1_20, ch3_08, cs2_08, fwy_02, hw1_07, hw1_14, id2_06, kt1_04, kt1_11, sm_13, sm_18, sm_22 & vb_34

    This oiv package is for the most recent 2845 patch however it will work for previous and possibly future patches, unless the paths of those ybn files are changed by Rockstar. It includes all the ybn files in the "Mp Map Collisions Fixes" folders for Map Fixes v13: ap1_03, ap1_04, bh1_03, bh1_04, bh1_13, bh1_20, bh1_22, bh1_40, bh1_43, bh1_rd, bt1_05, ch1_01, ch1_02, ch2_04, ch2_05c, ch2_08, ch2_10, ch3_08, ch3_12, cs1_02, cs1_08, cs1_12, cs2_08, cs3_04, cs3_07, cs4_06, cs4_10, dt1_02, dt1_12, dt1_20, dt1_21, dt1_22, fwy_02, h4_yacht, hw1_07, hw1_14, hw1_24, hw1_rd, id1_07, id2_06, id2_14, kt1_04, kt1_11, kt1_rd, mph4_beach, mph4_island, po1_01, po1_06, po1_10, sm_13, sm_14, sm_16, sm_18, sm_22, sm_24, ss1_11 and vb_34.

    Keep in mind that if Alex106 adds additional collision fixes to future updates those won't be included in this oiv package and will need to be installed manually however I will try to keep it updated if new ybn files are added to the Mp Map Collisions folder and I'll provide the new download link for that.

    16. mai 2023