Herbsman Custom Missions Mod 0.3

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A mod to give you more missions to do once you've finished the game (Based on Guadmaz's NOoSE mod)

Now includes a new way to create missions. See HowToMakeMissions.rtf in the download.

REQUIREMENTS (Get the latest version of all of them)
⦁ ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV.NET
⦁ Native UI
⦁ Map Editor

Copy all the files and folders inside the \bin directory to \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts
If you see HEMM.dll or libHEMM.dll in your scripts folder, remove them, as they are old versions of this script and will interfere with each other.

check out GaryOldman68's Expansion Pack

Default Controls:
F12 - Open mission selector
End - Leave Mission
GTA Context Button (usually E) - Start mission when near a mission's StartPoint (A brown pistol on the map indicates a point where you can start a mission)

Based on Guadmaz's NOoSE mod, and as such is also under the MIT license; Source code is included in the zip.

Requires ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, and NativeUI. Having EnhancedNativeTrainer installed is recommended, to prevent a bug. (See notes, 1)

* 0.3 - Map Editor Support
New mission format to support Map Editor maps
Compatibility with old mission formats retained
Somewhat sketchy mission editor added, bugfixes and improvements to come
Some customizations available at play-time via a secondary screen in the Mission Selector
Added option to replay failed missions
* 0.2u - Just a bad release, if you have it get rid of it
* 0.1.95 - your team should now follow you if you go too far... finally found a workaround for that
* 0.1.9 New features - try the dope robbery mission
Added collectible objects and a way to base a mission around them
Added health and weapon pickup support, still need to add some to other missions
Changed the way it tells if you've won a mission
Minor bugfixes & code optimization
* 0.1.5 Minor Update
Added screen effects to mission won and lost screens
Smoother transition on aborting mission
Added mission failed screen *see notes, 1
Added a way to change how enemies act, see MakingYourOwnMission.txt
Small bugfixes
Cleaned up source code for easier navigability
* 0.1 - Initial Release

  1. The way the script determines if you've lost is by your character skin being reset when you run out of health. I believe it is EnhancedNativeTrainer that resets the skin when you die, because otherwise it fucks up hard.
  2. If you press the Insert key to make ScriptHookVDotNet dump and reload all the scripts, the blips for StartPoints won't be disposed, and when the script is loaded again, more blips will be placed over the old one. It doesn't really affect anything, but if anyone knows how to deal with it, let me know
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