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Delete any outdated version before playing!
For some reason this mod is not compatible with Home Invasion.

DeliveryV - This mod allows you to have a better single-player role-play experience. Play as a courier and earn money.

Installation : Put DeliveryV.dll and DeliveryV.ini into the scripts folder.

-a legal copy of GTA V
-NativeUI - The latest version!
-ScriptHookV - The latest version!
-Community Script Hook V .NET - The latest version!

-Before playing change the settings in the .ini file as you like.
-Tell me any idea that can be a future update.

This Mod allows you to deliver packages and earn money from it .First you need to select how many packages do you want to deliver and what car would you like to drive. For each package delivered you will be paid a default of 500(can be changed in the DeliveryJob.ini file)

Please report any issues/bugs.
Known Bugs:
- The Van cars can spawn on top of other vehicles.

Interaction Key: Default - E Key
End Delivery Key: Default - N Key
Draw House Key: Default - B Key

-Version 5.0
  • The waypoints will no longer dissapear!
  • Added new UI
  • You can now deliver packages without unloading from the trunk
  • Added a rating system
  • YOU CAN NOW STEAL PACKAGES . If you steal a package you will be payed 1000(editable in the .ini file) , but you lose 0.4 rating
  • Removed the ability to draw another house

-Version 4.0
  • (The car can be a personal vehicle)
  • If the vehicle you used is rented you need to return it back to the postal office.
  • Added a carrying walk animation
  • To be able to unload packages you need to be close to the destination.

-Version 3.0
  • Changed marker color from green to blue
  • Fixed small bugs

-Version 2.0
  • Added a postal office in Sandy Shores
  • Added 20 houses in Sandy Shores
  • Changed the name from "Delivery Job[.NET]" to "DeliveryV[.NET]"
  • Packages from now will be delivered to closer houses
  • Added 20 more houses in the city

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