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    can anyone confirm that this is working for them with the newest update? I remember i had this working when it came out, but now doors only open and i am unable to enter due to an invisible wall. I had Betta heist mod installed, but removed it to make sure it wasn't conflicts. When it was working it for sure 5/5

    6. mars 2023
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    @S U K I Hey, looks great. Thank you. What pants/legs are you using? I noticed the skirt mod didn't have legs as well.

    28. februar 2023
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    Great mod. After some key adjustments i can't get enough. I changed the model to the grey backpack prop, "sf_prop_sf_backpack_03a," and it looks amazing after messing with the measurements. But when accessing the backpack, i noticed that in that stage in where the character reaches back to acess menu, the backpack floating floats way below the butt. Any model i switched to, and the it is the only measurement that i cant change by rotating it or moving it up the xyz axis. I'll send a link. I was wondering if possible to allow to edit those coordinates as well? The issue is only there when changing model away from your bag, but i think the grey backpack fits better as the guns aligned with it and it fits mp player with straps on flawless. I'll share screens.
    link to examples

    the issue

    27. februar 2023
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    Masterpiece. Thank you!

    26. februar 2023
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  • 98e0c7 2607780 0

    Works for me. I have the newest update. Great car, but sucks windows don't shoot out.

    24. februar 2023
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    @PIXELBIT Nice, nice. Yeah, I removed the commas, and it worked.


    I switched to these keys, and it working with controller. A million thanks!

    23. februar 2023
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    @PIXELBIT So, in the update 1.1, the controller isn't fixed. Sorry, and I for sure the .ini file changes i make don't take effect in-game at all. Whether i change the lines "INPUT_" or if i change it to the number. It'll always trigger reload mod when pressing "A" button (sprint/duck) to sprint xbox controller.

    In the initial 1.0 version, I tried editing the "INPUT_" to another like "INPUT_COVER/INPUT_NEXT_CAMERA" but it wouldn't work. I changed the "=INPUT_" into the number "= 44" and it worked. i used keys that I wouldn't use together. So I used this:


    The mod wouldn't reload when sprinting using the controller anymore.

    Now with the 1.1 version, even changing that won't change the input in game no matter what. x) Im sorry for the trouble.

    23. februar 2023
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    5/5 and breath taking, but the trunk nor hood doesn't opens up? :(

    20. februar 2023