Re-Drivable Military Cargo Plane [Menyoo]

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This is a very very simple "Menyoo" spawner mod.
With some clever "Menyoo" tricks, I could manage to make the cargo plane re-drivable. That's all.

No injection needed to install !


This little mod allows you to get on and off the cargo plane as many times as you like. You can also go out of the cockpit and climb back in again. The ladder to cockpit is climbable! You can also sit on jeep's hood if you have Sitting Mod.

To get on the plane,you should stay on the spot as seen on the picture, then press "F". That's all.

Also make sure you have checked "Persistent Attachments" option on the menu, right before spawning. Otherwise, secret objects might disappear when you got out of loading range and you might not be able to climb back to cockpit or get on again when you got back.

If you don't get to turn lights on to lit interior of the plane during the night time, press "F9" to go in and out of spawner mode a few times. Doing this will fix the bugs on the lights not turning on.


1. Get the latest version of Script Hook V and place it in Grand Theft Auto directory (where the GTA5.exe is).

2. Install Menyoo Trainer and place it in Grand Theft Auto directory (where the GTA5.exe is).

3. Place the "Military Cargo Plane.xml" file you just downloaded into folder:
...\Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Vehicle

4. Run the game, press "F8" during the gameplay to open Menyoo and follow these tabs in order:

Vehicle Options > Vehicle Spawner > Saved Vehicles > Military Cargo Plane

and make sure you have checked "Persistent Attachments" and "Start Task Sequences Immediately" options on the menu, than spawn.


I strongly suggest you to use this with:
No Turbulence
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