Vigilante's Bunker [Menyoo]

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An ultra detailed bunker, with very well aligned objects, for your city vigilante roleplays.
The bunker embodies a shark-uarium, a mini shooting range, living quarters,a kitchen, sleeping quarters, an armoury, a tech room, car repairshop, storage room and a gym to fulfill your vigilante's all sorts of needs.
And animal friends to keep it alive! (Wild animals preferably)

Here, you will see a little demonstration of what Menyoo and a bit of creativity is capable of.


1. A very realistic looking "Shark-uarium" with a living shark!
(As it is not possible to keep underwater animals alive on land with any trainer or without editing water.xml file,I developed a new trick so shark can really live regardless of water.xml file.)

2. Interactable stereo: You can play banging music!
(Press F -the default "get-in vehicle" button- nearby to select radio station, then select your station and press F again to exit radio selection.)

3. Doors work properly, and yes! you do NOT need to go to spooner mode to make them dynamic.
(I still cannot believe noone else still discovered that! Menyoo is already capable of it! I see people use MapEditor for this!)

4. Working indoor lights after teleportation. If you are using map mods a lot like me, you must have noticed that once you teleported outside then came back, you see all the lights went off and no way to turn them on again.
NOT on my mod though!(Some clever Menyoo tricks again!)

5. A mini interactive shooting range. Targets can move backward and forward.
(Go close to table there, to send targets away. Take a step back towards the stairs to have targets back.)

6. Car elevator literally ascends. Go close to "Car Elevator" emblem and wait a bit.

Minimal details to increase realism and/or fun.

1. Hawk defecates every 30 sec.

2. Mountain lion sleeps and wanders around about 100 sec intervals.

3. A mini security drone is ranging in tech room.


1. Download and install Open All Interiors as it is a required mod.

2. Install Menyoo Trainer.

3. Place the "Vigilante's Bunker.xml"file you just downloaded into folder:
...\Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Spooner

You know the rest.

Download and install Black Panther Retexture by me.

I have some more maps with clever Menyoo tricks which I'm too lazy to upload.
A tree house with a working elevator, a zombie safezone with interactable secret entrances and such. Soon I will be publishing them too (I guess).

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