Purple Reign : Season Two (Hellenbach E-109 Update) 1.1

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Introducing The 720hp Supercharged Vapid Caracara "E-109" Tuned by Hellenbach.
Schyster's biggest checkmate yet.

You are Marques Horison and Poshika Depierre. You both are new rookie detectives working for the FIB. You have been assigned on a mission: To visit Sandy Shores airfield and meet a man by the name of Jeremy Teller.
Upon arriving, you discover that he is an ex-FIB agent from the 1990s. Your overseer, special agent Adrialise Serranitta, along with your colleagues, covert operatives Jasen Mekenzie and Hellen Rodriguez shows up and informs you and him that the K-series crypto-fuel hidden in Death Valley, Nevada, nicknamed The Purple Rain, has been stolen. You join them, in hopes that you won't be killed.

With the contract renewal as an FIB private contractor, and working under a good old friend Dave Norton, Jeremy ventures out with Adrialise to seek out the whereabouts of K-P8C. With the grand opening of the Diamond Casino, the road to the whereabouts of the K-P8C found its way into an aggressive uphold among the millionaire's club bidders. One of them being Gusto Ramivachelli, a Liberty City-based Italian Mob millionaire associate who is willing to put the price cap of the grand plans of the K-P8C at the billions.
You, tasked on an interrogation mission, visits the Casino to find out that both of your superiors have climbed the ranks enough to be a secretary and a personal adviser. But upon your visit, you feel this presence, a presence you haven't felt in a long time - like someone you know is following you. Moments later, you hear a loud gunshot from the top stories. With the sound of the people panicking, you and your fellow colleague draw upon your guns and venture up. Once up, you kicked opened a door and a fight is in its glory. Agent Adrialise against an unknown man. Next to him was Gusto, dead in his tracks. But this unknown man, you can see upon his glasses and rag covered face, this presence intensifying, as he disappeared into an unmarked Blizzard Helicopter, at the same time agent Jasen and Hellen shows up in their valet uniform. Agent Adrialise and Jeremy swiftly pursued the helicopter, but this left you confused.

Purple Reign is a car pack heavily mainly consisted of American muscle and sport vehicles, alongside motorcycles, in the genre of Cafe Racers.

In Season 1 of Purple Reign you will recieve :
1966 Hellenbach 428 SSC
1969 Declasse Vigero SS
1983 Dinka CR250 Cafe Racer
1999 Vapid Sadler VSTD Thunder
Jeremy's hangar (your base of operations).

In Season 2 of the Purple Reign you will receive :
1995 Declasse Premier SS
2016 Pfister Comet Targa SR
2017 Hellenbach E-109
Two playable characters, Marques and Poshika (Added due to there will be playable missions in the future, correlating to the theme/plot of the pack)
The Safehouse

Season 1
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - New handling files provided by Eddlm, other issues within the file resolved.
Season 2
1.0 - Initial Release

AbsolutelyHalal- Hellenbach 428 SSC
Thundersmacker, Dani02 - Declasse Vigero SS (Improved Vigero)
IsmalDanialEugene - Dinka CR250 Cafe Racer (Enduro Cafe Racer)
AdvancedShoe - Vapid VSTD Thunder
Paulmiskit - Comet Targa SR (Comet Blume)
GOM - Premier SS
11jonh11 - Declasse Premier squad car grille
We "webby" - Caracara 4x4
Ydrop - Final Enhancements on initial S2 cars, Hellenbach E-109
13Stewartc - Addon
Eddlm - Handling
Valante Luize Sushi, GOM - Pictures

Livery Credits
(Hellenbach 428 SSC)
AbsolutelyHalal - Hellenbach Stripes 1-3, Escalera Lend-A-Serpent, Escalera Winner, Jersey Racer, Deborah's Car, Woodstock 1969, Bunny and That Good 'Ol Flag.
GOM - Tribal Red

Republication of any of these assets or any assets by the original owners is strictly prohibited.
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