Bravado Gauntlet (Facelift) [Add-On] 1.2

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A Bravado lead designer sat in his desk in one gloomy day of Spring 2010 and said, "Well, maybe this car looks like sh*t after all", over the various eclipses of the first rendition of the third generation Gauntlet. He had admitted what his other drunk co-designers and corporate leads had have not and will not dare to speak.

Despite its ugliness, it rather sold well out of mediocrity, but those figures were in efforts by parent conglomerate Schyster Corporation, whom had been lobbying billions from Congress to boost sales and marketing on their lineup, promoting in various corners of speed, comfort, safety and reliability. But In reality, the car suffered from terrible quality control, poor manufacturing choices, and various Federal lawsuits from 38 states on safety violations. It was really a terrible car.

So he grabbed himself a new piece of canvas, and etched out a batch of redesigns and threw them in the face of the head of engineering. They all agreed that it was a better improvised approach to the Gauntlet, so they gave themselves a go ahead.

So it began, as Bravado staffers work together once more to make a better looking Pony car, while sticking to overly ruled government regulations and parental company guidelines.

In the end, their efforts weighed in, and the newly designed car was revealed in Paris years later, and came with five different trims, SE, A/C, S/C Hellhound, and the Monstorous Hellfire and the literal seven-second drag car, the Dragpak. It was an overall improvement and was a huge success and boasted Schyster's quality lineups, backing them down again from lobbying government money to save themselves from bankruptcy.

A Revised model of the Gauntlet produced after the 2007 model year (vanilla Gauntlet) from 2014 until 2017. Then Succeeded by the current Bravado Gauntlet (Vanillaworks).

The mod offer two base model trims:
(SE) 3.5L V6 with 7-Speed Auto AWD.
(A/C) 5.7L V8 with 7-Speed Auto / 6-Speed Manual.


Add the folder "gauntletp" into the dlcpack then proceed to copy the following:


into the dlclist.

You will need the latest dlc (Summer Update) to use this mod.

1.0 - Initial Release.
1.1 - Fixed Lightsettings value that causes lights to not appear.
1.2 - Updated V8 engine model by M4K3, and other various bug fixes.


Original Gauntlet model: Rockstar Games.
Original Sheriff Gauntlet edit: Voit Turyv.
Second edit: K1LLFANTASY.
Project Curator: AbsolutelyHalal.
Third edit: GOM.
Fixed Normals, and other various fixes / bugfindings: 13Stewartc.
Handling: Eddlm
Tailight textures: w/ (weeby).
V8 engine model: M4K3
Photos by: Sushi Mcsushi, Ambient.

If you want to use these cars as patrol / squad vehicles or on your FiveM server, please contact me on discord. You will find me on the Vanillaworks Server.

Replication / Redistrubution on any other modding sites apart from 5mods, modifications, and third-person merchandising without the author/s knowledge is strictly prohibited.

Vanillaworks Standard License Format (VSmLF-1.0)

By downloading this package and/or it's cumulative updates, you will agree the following terms and conditions.

Modifying this package and it's contents except the text data such as handling, meta files and modkit, uploading or hosting it elsewhere as is or in a modified state, using it on multiplayer game clients such as FiveM servers without author's permission and selling, paywalling or monetizing in any shape or form is prohibited. Failing to comply these terms will result in copyright complaints against offending individuals and/or entities on respective platforms. To get permission to use this content in your multiplayer clients, please contact me at my discord.
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