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    @Shadow Considering all texture upgrades for things like liveries in this mod are below 4k, I highly doubt it would cause dramatic texture loss even with mods such as LSPDFR. Multiple textures at 4k resolution or higher seems to be GTA V's limit, but texture loss can also be caused by a variety of other mods installed, like graphical mods/ENBs etc. While I don't play LSPDFR myself (I find the amount of basic features honestly pitiful compared to the old LCPDFR from GTA IV, plus RAGE Hook's optimization is terrible on FPS) I'm sure one could use this mod and not experience many, if any, issues during gameplay

    12. januar 2023
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    @YaBoiRandom Thanks for the suggestions! Glad you liked the mod also. With regard to your suggestions:

    - Those last ones about the Ambulance liveries I'll probably not do, as I feel that would go against the original concept I had for this mod, which is to polish the original ideas and designs by Rockstar that were seen in vanilla GTA V to be less buggy and higher quality in places.

    - Not sure about changing Sheriff2's door decal. However, having a black and white Sheriff Cruiser to match the Sheriff SUV could make for a nice optional model, so I'll keep that in mind for future updates. Thanks!

    - I plan to make a Police3 with the standard LSPD livery into its own mod at some point in the near future, as a cop counterpart to my Vapid Torrence SSO mod of which it will probably re-use the new interior from (essentially I have too many ideas for changes I'd want to make that I don't think it would feel appropriate here in this mod)

    - Oh! The FDLC triangle decal on the side of the Firetruck I believe is a reference to the in-universe lore equivalent of the 9/11 attacks, or something equally devastating that happened in Liberty City some point prior to the events of GTA V (the text on it reads "In memory of our fallen brothers") Personally, it's a cool little detail that I think adds to the HD games lore. Nodding to a real life tragedy without being too insincere or disrespectful, given the nature of GTA games overall. Plus, it was there originally on the vanilla livery by R*, so I'm going to keep it here on this mod.

    10. januar 2023
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    @YaBoiRandom Hmm, not sure why since I'm unable to remove any comments on my end. Might be an issue with 5-Mods site backend. Would love to hear your suggestions still if it would let you post em :)

    9. januar 2023
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    @Monkeypolice188 Thank you Monky for your comment! To answer those questions:

    In regard to the normals - Well this mod was already in development and more or less completed (admittedly was pushed back quite a few times due to RL things getting in the way) before that Qol Pack you are referring to eventually came out. So no, they are just the day1 normals for now. Also, it is worth mentioning not all default EV models have been released as part of that pack by Austen yet to my knowledge. I will probably do more research into fixing normals myself for future updates and projects though, however I cannot guarantee it'll be an immediate fix that gets top priority.

    In regard to Pol3 Handling - I actually took the Inertia and COM values from Torrence SSO mod, which a few people reported that mod felt better than vanilla R* Pol3. That said, at the time of writing this response, I'm actually further testing some more improvements to the handling edits which should hopefully fix those issues more but still keep Pol3's traits like superior speed, acceleration, and braking etc compared to the other vanilla police cruisers.

    In regard to the Granger side steps/skirts - No they are there, not removed at all! It's just the perspective/lighting in the screenshots obscures them somewhat, plus they were all actually moved up to better accommodate the side hanging ped animations, and be consistent with the civilian Granger model (R* vanilla FIB Granger for example had them placed too low to where peds would float)

    In regard to the comparison shots - I'll fully admit this was a bit of corner cutting on my end, and you are absolutely right! Better in-game comparisons would've been preferred for something. I'll try and grab some in the next few days once I have some free time from work again.

    9. januar 2023
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  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @Ouredfinest Yes, so long as EMF works similarly to .rpfs where it will override the vanilla model & texture files, then it should work just fine. I dunno how EMF works in relation with the weapons.meta file for iron-sight alignment or the scaleformgeneric.ytd that's included for the weapon wheel icon however, you might still need to use an OpenIV mods folder method for those

    30. september 2022
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    @Crapule_of_Doom Well I can't really say for sure what the issue is tbh. There seems to be only select users having this problem, as everyone else I've spoken to on Discord servers says the mod works fine. Again, the best advice I can give is to make sure both your base game and your OpenIV mods folder are on the latest game update, as this does require critical files from that update in order for the car to function properly. Maybe even try a totally clean mods folder? (while being on the latest patch as I mentioned before)

    27. august 2022
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    @meowsandstuff Well this mod isn't mapped to a template, rather it's partially mapped like vanilla GTA cop cars, so there is none available I'm afraid. However, I have it on good authority that some other members from the lore friendly community are working on their own versions of a cop Greenwood that should be template mapped for skins. So keep an eye out, because I'm sure one of them might be dropping relatively soon!

    17. august 2022
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    @-EcLiPsE- I took it down because that mod wasn't up to my current standards production/care wise, and also I've changed my style of lore interpretation when it comes to EV's in general (Plus looking at that mod made me physically cringe nowadays) Not mention that whole model and many of its assets now are very outdated. I have plans to upload a newer, simpler mod in the near future that will just make the 2nd Gen model have more shared cues with the 1st Gen Stanier from vanilla GTA V, to make them feel more aligned as the same model family.

    17. august 2022
  • 1d745e kelda wave

    @FreakHolden @Dzheson007 @henri8456 Well, I can't say what exactly is causing this issue for all three of you, but I can say for certain it is NOT this mod. I've tried it numerous times on a clean OpenIV mods folder with nothing else running, other people who tested the mod reported no issues even after downloading the current version, so it is definitely something with each of your games.

    Again, BE DOUBLY SURE! You are running the latest patch which the original Greenwood debuted in (The Criminal Enterprises update, "Build 2699. Online 1.61") because this mod does rely on animation, vehicle layout files etc, that the base vanilla Greenwood uses. Also MAKE SURE! You are running "PackFile Limit Adjuster", "HeapAdjuster" (or another script which modifies heap) and that you have a "gameconfig.xml" which has been updated to work with the latest GTA V build, all of the above can be found here on 5-Mods btw. The latter three are pretty much required nowadays to play modded V with add-on cars and other mods! And no, having V from the EpicGames Store shouldn't be an issue to my knowledge.

    That is about all the advice I can give you to try and help. Once again, I maintain that it is not my particular mod which is causing the issues, but I can't really help much further without knowing your individual GTA V game set-ups. Apologies otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    14. august 2022