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    @Den_J Thank you for the NVR tip, I'm gonna check this out later.
    You can sharpen the image how much you want, either from the DOF-lens or from the post processing. Or even both.Check the ingame manual for more informations.

    11. november 2018
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    If you follow the installation process, using latest NVR or VisualV or vanilla, you shouldn't have to edit anything and the ENB will work everywhere (except under water).

    3. november 2018
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    @xcaps You didn't uninstalled the files obviously, that is the two same dll from ENB as mentionned in the description or the read me, the enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini files and the enbseries folder from PRSA. It basically just removing the files you dropped.
    @rmc273 None, I can die and no crash.

    25. oktober 2018
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    Thanks everyone !
    @rmc273 I'm afraid it's still incompatible with current ENB dlls. You can try tho, it won't arm your game in anyway.
    @tk0wnz I'm kind of lost on this one, when I use vanilla or VisualV my shader behave as intended, but not with NVR during nighttime. I could have some hints but for now I lack of knowledge with the GTA effects and settings to find what exactly could be the reason of this in order to fix it.

    24. oktober 2018
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    @JARODYI ENB doesn't touch to motion blur. Manual focus is done on the object you click with your mouse, otherwise it's done on the object located around the center of the screen.
    @JGta5Modit I can't help you if you don't tell me the weather mod you use. Latest VisualV allready have the tweak included so it's no longer necessary, for now only NVR needs it but it will also be included in the next update of NVR.
    @johnmac328 I can't help you neither without knowing what mod you use. I tried in vanilla, VisualV and NVR, my explosions never dark the screen, so it's most likely because of another mod you use or an addon, or an option of the game.

    21. oktober 2018
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    @JARODYI Either from the camera (iso, exposure compensation, shutter speed..), either from the post processing. (gamma)
    @Shapely Twig I don't support Redux, so if you want to use just try the different visual mod settings from the camera until you find the one you like the most.

    Update is ready, I'll release it with the update of NVR during the week. The timecycles edits won't be necessary anymore, which is really cool. A PRSA PRESET folder will be filled with many different combinations as examples for anyone.

    20. oktober 2018
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    Update is coming, I don't know when I'll release it tho. Lowered some quality settings to get back some fps but don't expect huge increase of performance. Preset is almost ready for the new NVR and I tweaked the renderer for vanilla game a bit, probably gonna do the same for VisualV.
    I'll add a folder in the download with some preset examples too.

    19. oktober 2018
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    @talha122 I just blew up all the cars I could find, the dark screen never happened on my end. What visual mod do you use ? Are you using one in particular for explosions ?

    18. oktober 2018
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    @bobmat4 Both are hooking into the game processus, I don't know how to be sure to make them work together without editing the binaries themselves, which is not going to happen since the dll author would never want to install rageplugin or anything like that.
    So just a blind guess here, but try to open enblocal.ini with notepad or similar, set the " EnableProxyLibrary" to true, and next to "ProxyLibrary=" add the full name of the ragehook.dll (with the .dll)
    If it doesn't work then it means that in the current state of both hooks, they aren't compatible at all.

    18. oktober 2018
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    @talha122 Try to disable the kill screen effect from the game's options/display see if it solves the problem.

    18. oktober 2018