TornadoCallouts (LSPDFR Mini Callout Pack)

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TornadoCallouts (Mini Callout Pack) for LSPD First Response 0.4.9
Introducing TornadoCallouts - a fresh, exciting mini callout pack designed to enhance your LSPD First Response patrols in Grand Theft Auto V. Developed with the aim of creating a more dynamic and immersive policing experience, TornadoCallouts offers a variety of unique scenarios that add an extra layer of realism to your game.

You can also find and download TornadoCallouts on the official LSPDFR Page. HERE.

Be advised: This callout pack is in alpha. Please report any issues in the comments, or join Discord HERE.

  • LSPD First Response 0.4.9 (or higher) - Download here
  • RAGE Plugin Hook 1.105 (or higher) - Download here
  • A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail, Epic Games, or Steam)

About this Callout Pack:

Current Callouts Include:
  • Bar Fight: Respond to violent disturbances at various drinking establishments across Los Santos.
  • Mugging: Rush to aid innocent civilians victimized by street criminals.
  • Stolen Vehicle: Pursue and recover stolen vehicles.
  • Drug Overdose: Respond to incidents involving a potential drug overdose. (More locations coming soon).
  • Active Stabbing: Respond to an active stabbing scenario and control the situation as you see fit.

  • Full Callout Interface Support - Download here
  • Full Grammar Police Support - Download here
  • Ultimate Backup Integration (Select Callouts)
  • Multiple Scenarios & Locations
  • Customization file (turn specific callouts on or off)
  • Version Checker (requires internet connection)

Highly Recommended Plugins:

If you use this callout pack in a stream or video, please link the callout pack URL and feel free to link your video in the comments here! Enjoy, and thanks for downloading!

Support Development:
You can support me as a developer if you'd like, here!

Plugin Support:
TornadoCallouts is in Alpha and is actively supported and updated. If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, please leave a comment on this post or join the discord here and join the tornado callouts forum for direct help from me! Your feedback helps me make this callout pack even better!

Installation is simple - just extract the downloaded .zip file and copy the contents from the "GRAND THEFT AUTO V" folder into your GTAV root directory, and the plugin files will auto-install into Plugins/LSPDFR.

Known Issues:
There are currently no known issues. However, that does not mean none exist. If you run into any problems, please comment down below! Or join the discord here and join the tornado callouts forum.

Changelog: UPDATES:
- Added 18 new locations for the Drug Overdose callout HOT FIX:
- Fixed bug causing the plugin to crash when you go on duty
- Fixed Version checking bug
- Fixed EMS response timing for Drug Overdose callout

1.0.6 UPDATES:
- New Callout: Active Stabbing
Respond to an active stabbing and control the situation.
Fully integrated with Callout Interface
- New Callout: Drug Overdose
Respond to incidents involving a potential drug overdose. (More locations coming soon)
Fully Integrated with Ultimate Backup for enhanced backup support. (Thanks to @SuperPyroManiac)
Fully Integrated with Callout Interface
- Temporarily disabled the Traffic Stop Backup callout while I make it better
- Cleaned up code for multiple callouts to improve efficiency.
- Fixed a few minor bugs.
Thank you to all ALPHA testers in the discord!

- Multiple New callouts
- More scenarios and locations for current callouts

If you have any suggestions or issues with this plugin, comment on this post or join in Discord here: and join the "TornadoCallouts Plugins" Forum.
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