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This mod allows you to save cars wherever you want, and also keeps the last 3 cars you entered from magically disappearing. It creates markers on the map that shows where your cars are; the markers are small and colour-coded.

No more vanishing custom cars! No more lack of garage storage! With this mod, the world is your garage!
The 'last entered cars' feature can be optionally disabled (either by configuration file or in-game hotkey).

To install, make sure you have installed Script Hook and the LUA Plugin for Script Hook, and place the .lua file in the scripts/addins folder, delete the other scripts in that folder if you're not using them.

Script Hook:
LUA Plugin for Script Hook:

You MUST open the lua file in any plain text editor and set the directory where the vehicles data file will be saved. Read the commented lines on top of that file please.

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