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Rampage is a GTA V Single Player Trainer for GTA V Story Mode with many useful and special features

Rampage needs the latest version of Alexander Blade's ScriptHookV plugin
(ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll)

Install Instructions and other Information can be found in the readme file.
(Just drag the files from the .zip file into your GTA V directory)

--- /Controls\ ---

[ Keyboard ]

F4 - Open Trainer >> You can change that by yourself !
Arrow Up - Up
Arrow Down - Down
Left Arrow - Left
Right Arrow - Right
Backspace - Back
Enter - Select

You can also use your numpad to control the trainer.

[ Controller ]

[Press RB and A] / [Press R1 and X] - Open Trainer
DPAD Up - Up
DPAD Down - Down
DPAD Left - Left
DPAD Right - Right
B/Circle - Back
A/X - Select

--- Credits ---

[ Json Loader ]
Credits to Thenecromance for his .json vehicle-loader.

[ Enabeling MP Vehicles in SP ]
Credits to Unknown Modder for his bypass function.

[ XML compatibility ]
Credits to MAFINS (Menyoo)

--- Important Things ---

To change a Key in Rampage you can either change its VK Key Code in the Settings.json / Hotkeys.json or you can click on the info option inside Rampage to use the builtin Hotkey Manager to set a new one.

If you have any issues with Settings not Loading always try to use a fresh RampageFiles folder it may fix your issue.

--- Changelog ---

[ Version 1.1.2 ]

  • Added Magnet Gun
  • Added Player Forcefield
  • Added Option to search for Submenus and Toggles
  • Added Hostile Traffic
  • Added Hostile Peds
  • Added Angry Planes (Hydra)
  • Improved some functions
  • Bug Fixes
  • You can now always close rampage and it will save your current submenu

[ Version 1.1.1 ]

  • Added Option to customize all HUD Colors
  • Added Option to customize the cursor toggle key
  • Added Script Monitor
  • Added Option to drop current Weapon
  • Rewritten Teleport Map
  • Improved Aimbot and Triggerbot
  • Added more particlefx for PTFX Gun and Vehicle Wheel PTFX
  • MP3 Player saves Volume for next track
  • Improvements for XML Loader
  • Refined Mouse Controls
  • Backend improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Compressed textures to decrease file size

[ Version 1.1.0 ]
  • Added No Recoil
  • Added One Hit Kill
  • Recoded Debug gun
  • Added Nearby Vehicles no Collision
  • Internal Changes
  • Bug Fixes

As you may noticed the file size of Rampage increased a lot in comparison to the last version.
This is because we now embedded all of the necessary files from the RampageFiles folder into the main file.
That means that from this version on you do not need to put an RampageFiles folder into your GTA V Directory,
just copy the Rampage.asi. On first startup all files will get extracted and you can use the folder like before.
If you had Rampage already installed please REMOVE the RampageFiles folder from your GTA V Directory and only put the new .asi file in it.
You need to do this because Rampage now uses .ini file format for its configs instead of .json.

[ Version 1.0.9 ]

  • Maintenance Update
  • Internal Stuff

Report if there are any new issues.

[ Version 1.0.8 ]

  • Changes to No-Clip Mode
  • Changes to No Reload
  • Function Improvements
  • Changes to MP3-Player
  • Internal Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

To Update replace Rampage.asi and Settings.json
or replace everything

[ Version 1.0.7 ]

  • Update to Game Patch 1.0.1868.0
  • Added new DLC Vehicles
  • Added new DLC Weapons
  • Added new DLC Peds
  • Added new DLC Objects
  • Bug Fixes

To Update replace Rampage.asi and
copy ObjectsList.txt in RampageFiles Spooner folder
or replace everything
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