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Ridin' with the gang 2.0 (Remake) by OneMinuteYT

With this mod you can now ask gang members to watch your back while you're off doing ... stuff.
You can go to the G Blip (if enabled) on the map to recruit up to 2 members. (More member avaiable soon)
You can open a second menu, the "options menu". Default key is K, for controller: R3 & Left D-Pad.
You can give them some weapons, delete their weapons, give them health/armor, give them godmode, teleport options and more!

1. BUG: The only bug I ecountered (and it was only once) was that a member just gave up and stopped protecting the player
1. FIX: Just simply dismiss the bugged member and recruit them.

2. BUG: I wasn't sure to put this here but i'll do it anyways, the members will protect the player at all cost. This means that they will
fight anyone including the wandering families gang members. (this will only happen if the families form a threat to them or the player)
2. FIX: No fix as of now.

Future plans:
1. Make a option so that you have to pay the members
2. Make them walk away first before disappearing after dismissing them.

You can change the Settings in the INI file found in:
gtav > scripts > RWTG>settings > settings.ini

1. ScripthookV
2. ScripthookV.NET
3. NativeUI


The folder named "RWTG"
the file named "RWTG.dll

Paste into:
Gtav > scripts
(NOTE If you don't have a scripts folder, you can simple create one in the gtav directory)


V1.0: Released the mod.
V1.1: Fixed the error.
V1.2: Added a new ini system, changed the banner location and fixed the text behind the menu.

About Remake (V2.0):
I lost the old script and decided that the old version is just too unstable. Therefore I now remade the entire script while improving it alot.
See new changes:
1. Made the marker bigger and only pop-up when nearby (to improve performance)
1. Added a submenu about Health Options. In here you can give health, armor and godmode.
2. Added a Weapon submenu. In here you can give them a pistol, micro-smg, switchblade, and a bat.
3. Made it so that every member is not connected in the options menu.
What this means is that you can now for example give a member a switchblade and the other a bat instead of both having switchblade.
4. Added a teleportation submenu. In here you can teleport to any of your gangmembers or teleport any of them to you.
5. Added a highlight option to highlight a specific member. This is to help you know which member is who.
6. Just like in the previous version you can enable disable follower blips. However, in this version the blips are green and less buggy.
7. In this version you can now dismiss a specific member instead all of them.
8. Changed the banners and the overall theme of the menu's.
9. Changed the Options Menu Keybind to "K", this can be changed in the INI file.
To open with controller: Left R3 & Left D-Pad. (This cannot be changed as of right now)
10. Renewed the INI file. You can now change the Options menu key for the Keyboard, you can enable/disable the recruit location blip (G on the map).
you can enable/disable short range blip. (to change wether it still shows up on mini-map no matter the distance.
11. Deleted the members already standing there before recruiting them. The reason for this is simply because the members would despawn and not be there when recruiting.
However, this doesn't mean they spawn in on your head, they now spawn in behind a wall and you'll most likely see them walking towards you.
12. Fixed I don't even know how many bugs; Random teleporting, members disappearing, members shooting eachother, not guarding the player, not getting in the verhicle and much more.

Credits: OneMinuteYT
My YouTube:
My Discord:

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