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Am DJ_DZ From Algeria

We all play gta for vehicles at the first place, even its name is Grand Theft Auto, i felt the need to create this menu because personally i just like to install nice rides, customize them, drive around and take them home at the end of the day, mod menus are all fun and games at the begining but after some time you just use the same options, if you are like me a cars lover you wont need any extra trainers, i recommend to use the Add-On Vehicle Spawner with my mod with those two its the drivers paradise, it gives you a compete tuning and modification control over your vehicle with other useful and nice additions, just to precise the vehicle speed in the infos menu is converted to Le fix speedometer kmh valus because i think they are the most realistic.

-the BMW: BMW M4 GTS Liberty Walk [Add-On/OIV] 1.0

-the songs in the video (Arabic):
- Canon 16 didin clash Di Maria
- Canon 16-Santa Monica

Controls are in the ReadMe.

Word to the modders:
What i did here is took the crusaders veh_menu_cust from the haloween menu as a very early base and i wrote it from scratch for two months now as the Main.asi, and LudicrousBeachs empty base as the Sub.asi for spawning and sounds wich i think its the best use of it, and i made a bridge between them two.

My Favourites:
-A spotlight that aims at you at night for a better view.
-A Vehicle Infos Menu(Speed, Class, Acceleration...).
-Hazzard lights and brake lights.
-a sound for muted vehicles when spawning them.

Version 1.0:
-Initial release.

Version 1.1:
Big update guys:
-Fixed opening keys.
-Fixed some bugs with character.
-Finally managed to fix the controls they are much simpler and smouther now.
-Fixed the phone opening when navigating too fast, the same problem we find in a lot of trainers.
-Added DLCs & Addons spawner, i will put this one as beta version due to lake of computers to test it,i only tested it on my game, so help me by telling me how it reacted for you.
-added engine Setting (power and a speed switcher between vehicles).
-added lights brightness setting.

- Script Hook V

-Alexandre Blade & the scripthook community.
-The Crusader for giving me the first push with his youtube video.
-LudicrousBeach for his nice menu.
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