Corrupt Law Enforcement [CLE] v1.1

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Police in the base GTA 5 game can be extremely annoying. You do something accidentally and get the cops on you. Then you have to escape them which takes lots of time.

This mod fixes that by adding a realistic bribing system where you can bribe the law enforcement chasing you. It is much easier to bribe a cop earlier on but if you have higher wanted levels then it will be much harder for you to bribe them. Also, the higher the wanted level, the more expensive the bribing will be. Also, when you bribe them you will undergo an animation which takes actual time. This symbolizes the player contacting the authorities and trying to bribe them. There will be colorized text to tell you what happened without having to read the actual notification. Lastly, if they do not accept your bribe it will raise your wanted level.

-Thanks to yoni1857 for the ideas of some features of the mod
-Thanks to mcal9909 for helping me with some of the coding problems
-Thanks to other members of the GTA 5 modding community for helping me with this mod

This is the first mod that I have ever made so if it doesn't have all the things that you want please be free to ask me or suggest things.

Corrupt Law Enforcement v1.1 Changelog
-New ini file to customize keybinds along with quality of life things like the duration it takes to contact the police
-Many bug fixes
-Some features scrapped
-Many new features
-Completely revamped bribing system to be more realistic, fun for the player, and challenging at the same time!

-Allows you to bribe the police in GTA 5
-Realistic and fair system of bribing
-Gets harder and harder to bribe when the star levels are higher (price and probability of them accepting a bribe)
-Dynamic and interesting way to dealing with those darn chasing cops in GTA 5
-Complicated logic but easy for the player to use in game

Other Mod Requirements:
A Legit Copy of GTA 5: No pirated copies allowed!

1. Download ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, and NativeUI and put them in their respective locations. there should be many tutorials about how to do that.
2. Drag the CLE.dll file, CLE.pdb file, and CLE.ini file into your scripts folder (if you are new to modding make a scripts folder within your GTA 5 main directory)
3. If you want to change some of the settings of the mod go into the .ini file to change them
(Instructions will be there in the ini file)
4. Play the game and enjoy the new policing system. (Press J or the keybind that you set in the ini file to open the menu)

-All of them have been fixed so far

Other Mods that might interfere with this mod:
-Any mod that has a warrant system
-Any mod that takes explicit control of the wanted system (meaning you can't lower or make it higher)

Future Goals:
-Going to be working on being able to maybe get have fake bribe acceptance
-Also working on being able to not only raise the wanted level but also dispatch additional units to your location or at least alert them of your position
-Working on configuration for difficulty and pricing of the bribes
-Trying to find out how to make my mod better for everyone
-Incorporate custom dispatch along with the mod

Things that you are allowed to do:
-Make a mod showcase video about it as long as you credit me and leave a link to this mod page.
-Edit some settings in the configuration menu
-Use some ideas in this mod with my permission

Things that you are not to do:
-Use parts of my code without my explicit permission
-Claim that you made the mod
-Post this mod on any other website other than this website without my permission

If you any suggestions, comments, or problems about and with this mod please leave them down in the comments section.
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