Niko Bellic 4.0.0A (LSDW Support + Crash Hotfix)

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--Niko Bellic Ped--

The original add-on ped.

Niko Bellic is back! Fresh from the gloomy streets of Liberty City, He has finally arrived in Los Santos!

--How to Install--

1. Create a mods folder, then create an update folder inside of that.
2. Copy the vanilla update.rpf (GTAV/update/) to your update folder inside of mods (GTAV/Mods/Update/)
3. Drag and drop the update folder from the Niko files into mods/update/
4. Open up OpenIV and enable Edit Mode.
5. Open up the update.rpf in mods/update/ and place dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml in common/data/ within the RPF.
6. Download Heap Limit Adjuster and Packfile Limit Adjuster (links listed below) and use the .INI files provided with this mod.
7. To spawn Niko, use the "spawn by model name" option in a trainer and input player_niko. Menyoo is currently buggy with this mod. Simple Trainer by Sjaak works best at the moment.
8. Enjoy!


Open your dlclist.xml and create an entry for /nb/

-- Required Mods --

If you're using a game build that is newer than the latest release of this mod, use the following gameconfig:

--Change log--

3.8.0 - (1/10/2022) - Remastered update. Tons of textures (and more to come) have been "expanded and enhanced" for your enjoyment.
4.0.0 - (8/1/2022) - Technical improvements. Texture enhancements. Rigging improvements. More remastered assets. Improved file size. UPDATED 12/20/2022 FOR COMPATIBILITY WITH LOS SANTOS DRUG WARS UPDATE!
4.0.0A - (2/6/2022) - Crash hotfix. Support for newest game build. Use with Menyoo is currently unsupported, use with caution.


Made by theNGclan and DoctorMike. 5/18/15. You can upload this anywhere ONLY if you credit me.

This mod was designed when helping lunchxbles with his Trevor over Niko mod. Huge thanks to him!!

Thanks to Dilapidated for his fantastic gameconfig!

Thanks to Xinerki for first person overlay research.

Thanks to _CP_ for fixing the MP maps issue!

Huge thanks to Donut for the new clothing textures!

Tools used for mod: Autodesk 3DS Max, GIMS V EVO, Zmodeler3 and OpenIV.
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