Real-Life Random Clutter 2.2

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These textures replace more soda cups, cans, and bottles with Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, Mr. PIBB, and Coca-Cola. It also brings us Frito Lays, Doritos, and Lays BBQ potato chips (litter), a dominoes pizza box (litter), a McDonald's burger wrapper, and a BK whopper container.

Changelog 1.1: Adds Master Card, Visa, Lays, Miller Lite, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and the World's Most Interesting Man stickers to the front door of the Hick Bar across from the prison. Adds more Wonder Bread, Cocoa-Puffs and Captain Crunch cereal boxes, Cup Noodles, PayLess, The Athlete's Foot, and Kinney's shoe boxes, Dawn dish soap, Harry Potter, 1984, Of Mice and Men, and The Dark Tower books for Franklin's, Auntie's house, more Budweiser and Miller Lite cans, an Old Spice after shave kit, more real food items and Marlboro Light cigarettes, and some common litter.

Changelog 1.2: Converts tabloids into the Globe, converts porn mags into real-World ones, gives you Lo'Real shampoo, Eco Styler styling gel, Gillette shaving cream at the barber shop, Ortho insect killer, McDonald's, Samsung cell phone, Camel, Heineken advertisements, Thor and Captain America movie posters in the Metro Station, more Kit Kat candy, a few LA Times newspapers, another pack of Marlboro Reds, another Starbucks coffee cup.

Changelog 1.3 This update fills up all the convient store shelves with Budweiser and Miller Lite cases, Dr. Pepper, Coke, Mt Dew, and Mr. Pibb two litre soda bottles and cans, assorted canned vegetables, canned soup, Helmann's mayonaise, Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks cereal, more Heinz Ketchup, several packs of cigaretts (at Liqour Ace) Wonder bread, cup noodles, Doritos, Lays, Fritos, Cheetos, Salsa, Tobasco sauce, and French's Mustard, several different candy bars (Liqour Ace), several more porn magazines, more books and magazines such as The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Stephen King, GQ, Time, Hot Rod, Billboard, Beer cases converted at Ammunation - YAY!!!, other things I cannot remember LOL. This brings us to about 85% of all random fake name brand textures completed. Next release will finish those off.

Changelog 1.4: Puts Helmann's mayonaise, French's mustard, Dr. Pepper. Vlasic pickles, Heinz Ketchup, Tostitos salsa, and NewCastle beer in Trever's refrigerator, and Krispy Kreme on Trever's Kitchen counter, also a Heinekin beer and BK carryout bag. Replaces all vanilla Porn DVDs with real-life equivalents. Replaces yet another vanilla cigarette pack with Camels, and converts Go Postal boxes to to one's with Federal Express logos on them. 18 Los Santos signs in the Metro Station have been converted to say Los Angeles.

Changelog 1.5 Converts a meteor candy box to a box of Whoppers, Blox spray bottle to Ortho, 24-7 bags converted to 7-11, a Bean Machine coffee cup to Starbucks, a Budweiser and Yeungling bottle, a Subway soda cup, yet another bag of Doritos, a Los Angeles Times newspaper, A Donald Trump wall hanging, a Monster Energy bottle, another Dr. Pepper soda can, Los Angeles tour maps, Coors Lite broken bottle, Tide and All laundry detergent, another Budweiser bottle, and a Miller High Life neon sign for inside the hick bar, next to the dart board.

Changelog 1.6 This is a quick update from 1.5 because I found all the rest of the missing textures from Tervor's trailer, so if you are updating from 1.4, do NOT forget to also grab the files from the Update 1.5 folder as well. This update gives us BS bags to BK bags, Coors Lite, Krispy Kreme, Heinz Ketchup, the rest of the real porn mags, LA Times newspapers, Popeye's container, more real-life porn DVDs, a Heineken bottle, and other random crap.

Update 1.7 This small update adds Tide and All brand laundry detergents to the convenient stores.

Changelog 1.8 Converted Go Postal crates and boxes to USPS, Michael's backpack to Adidas logo, Franklin's bedside book converted to Star Wars, more Marlboros, Marlboro Lights, Kools, Camels, Pall Malls and Winston cigarette packs, real-life liquor ads, another Budweiser case, a case of Sam Adams, real-life car ads in the dealership office, Jim Beam whiskey, a Budweiser case, and Bud bottle in Trevor's office at the strip club, The Athlete's Foot, Kinney's, and Payless Shoe Stores shoe boxes in Franklin's room (first house), Premier magazine in Franklin's first house, Spalding basketball in Franklin's new house, Bettis, Ward, and Polamalu jersey's in the display case at Franklin's new house, Spider Man, Gears of War, and Scar Face movie posters for Franklin's room, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and hot chick posters for Franklin's room as well, Tide and ALL brand laundry detergent in Frank's, Aunty's house.

Changelog 1.9 What? You thought I was gone forever, LOL. Mr. Ed is back once again! In this small update, I have added an extra pack of Marlboros, a 7-11 trash bag, and a couple Starbucks coffee cups. If you already have this mod, you only need to copy files from the Update 1.9 folder. If you have never installed this before, you must copy files from every folder enclosed in this zip file.

Changelog 2.0 Adds Budweiser case and All brand laundry detergent to the janitor's apartment. Adds Kinney's and The Athlete's Foot shoe boxes, Heineken beer bottle, a Dominoes pizza box and Budweiser beer bottle to Lester's house. Adds yet another Heineken beer bottle, and a Miller High-Life neon sign at the Hick bar.

Changelog 2.1 Adds more Starbucks coffee cups and Marlboro, Kool, and Camel brand cigarette packs. This should have fully converted all Bean Machine cups and fake cigarette brands to real-life brands. If you do spot any fake leftovers in-gae, please tag me with the location where they were seen. Added Jim Beam, Captain Morgan's rum, Smirnoff to be found on the shelf at the liqour store under meth lab. Added more snicker, butterfinger, skittles, M & Ms, Nestle Crunch, Junior Mints, Doritos, Fritos, Lays, and Cheetos. Adds Lord of the Rings, Brave New World, and a couple other real-life books into the game world.

Changelog 2.2 Replaces yet another found Bean Machine coffee cup to Starbucks, a Meteor candy bar into a Snickers, adds another Captain Morgan's rum bottle, Absolut Vodka, Jim Beam, Jose Quervo Gold, another Burger Shot bag to McDonald's, another BS container to BK Whopper, Stronzo to Heineken, Murphy's Irish Stout, Budweiser, and another Coors Light.


Launch OpenIV, and click "edit mode". Follow the path of the enclosed files, and drag and drop to their respective locations.

Keep up with my updates as I release them here - I am usually uploading either an update or new texture pack altogether every or every other day.

Credits: _Vlad_ for helping me find the beer cases at Ammunation. Thanks buddy!!
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