Map Updates 1.5

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This mod makes some changes to the map and interiors and adds various (existing and new) interiors placements

- Unused FIB office
- Unused garage from the "High Life" update
- Police station at La Mesa
- Car mod / Beeker's Garage interior at the Lost clubhouse
- Motel room at "The Motor Motel" in the Grand Senora Desert
- Vinewood Casino: removed the "Opening Soon" banner, added doors at the front entrance, a valet podium + scenario, a Patriot Stretch car generator and some props in the right/back side of the casino
- Lester's house: added two doors in the back of the house
- LTD Gasoline interior: removed the dirt decals, added a reflective floor and changed the color of some lights (based on a promotional screen of the game)
- Bahama Mamas: fixed the exterior neons, added working doors, removed the baked shadows of some non existing objects, moved some palm plants inside and added collisions to the sofas and stools
- LifeInvader HQ: openable conference room doors and removed collision blockers
- Story Mode 4 Car Garage: removed the dirt decals, changed the floor texture and added a reflective floor
- Portola Drive: added some light bulbs around the palm trees

- OpenIV.asi
- "mods" folder
- Script Hook V .NET
- Open All Interiors, InteriorsV or any other script that can load interiors

- Move the "spmapupdates" folder in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" and add "<Item>dlcpacks:/spMapUpdates/</Item>" to the "dlclist.xml"
- Move "MapUpdates.cs" and "MapUpdates.ini" in the "scripts" folder. Open "MapUpdates.ini" to configure the options of the various interiors
- MP Map Files: Use the package installer of OpenIV or extract the files and import them manually

Special Thanks:
- dexyfex for Codewalker
- Skylumz for Sollumz
- The OpenIV Team for OpenIV
- 3Doomer for GIMS Evo
- Neos7 for the GTA V Map Helper script
- Dekurwinator for the documentation on portals, flags, audio and vertex colors
- Tobiii for additional info about the MLO portals
- tangerinenuistance5 for the Occlusion Generator
- nkjellman for finding the unused FIB office and MP garage interiors
- NewTheft for the tutorial on how to hide parts of the map
- Slick for the idea of adding a floor mirror to the MP garage
- alloc8or for the NativeDB

- Made the palm lights around Portola Drive optional (toggable from the script)
- Changed the entrance placements for the FIB's office and the garage (added a video to the mod page that shows the new entraces of both)
- The minimap is now zoomed in when inside the FIB's office and the HUD is disabled when inside the garage
- Changed the blip sprites for the Lost MC Garage and the Motor Motel
- Updated the help text strings
Updated the dlc pack, script and configuration file
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