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Hello! My name is Xernosz and I have another mod called GTA Realism, but that is aside the point. I set off to make a more modern IED for GTA (sticky bomb) But.... GTA Already made theirs really realistic, so I made it even more realistic! I made shadows for some parts, changed up lighting obviously, and made it look more worn since it would be in real life.
Note!!!! This looks different ingame than in the pictues in openiv!!! It is supposed to for right now this is still a test build!!!

To install this mod you will need the following requirements.
Now once you have opened up OpenIV to GTA V, navigate to the following path,
x64e, models, cdimages, weapons,rpf. Now drag the w-ex-pe.ytd and w-ex-pe-hi.ytd from the winrar file into that weapons.rpf file. And you're done!

For FiveM you will have to make a folder named whatever (eg. stckybom) you want and put it in your resources folder, next make a folder inside of the folder you just made named "stream" now insert the files from this mod into that folder, now make a file in that "stckybom" folder named "__resource.lua". Now add to your server.cfg, "run stckybom"

Do not copy, allow you are allowed to take photos or any type of media, just please do not upload this as your own.


Current Version: 1.0 (11/10/2020, 6:41AM PST) Changelog: Release.
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