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Realistic Weapon Play changes Grand Theft Auto's arcade-style gameplay to a more grounded experience. Gun fights are far more intense and rewarding. This mod heavily changes the difficulty of the game so beware of that.

Join my new discord if you need help or something.

Do not install this mod with OpenIV in edit mode! Install through the .oiv by right-clicking it, going to Open with..., then choose OpenIV. This is just for safety since some people with a lot of mods, or who install a lot of mods at once, can experience corruption or bugs within the game.

General Changes
-Increased damage depending on caliber
-Balanced damage for the player
-Increased FOV for all weapons
-Realistic muzzle fx for all weapons
-Removed tracers
-Realistic range depending on gun and caliber
-Realistic weapon displacement (shake)
-Realistic recoil depending on caliber and other factors
-Increased environmental flash
-Removed/decreased bullet force
-Realistic bullet speed depending on caliber
- Detailed installation instructions in description

Recommended Mods

More Gore Better NPC reactions and effects

GSW2 Highly Recommend for difficulty, and added immersion

- Reduced and balanced recoil shake
- Returned weapon sounds to their original
- Increased fire rate for the Micro-SMG and Tec-Pistol
- Carbine Rifle and CompactSMG are now semi-automatic
- CompactSMG can be fired from vehicles
- Added the XM3 Pistol and Tec-Pistol
- Fixed the endless smoke glitch for all weapons (if I missed one please let me know)
- Tec-Pistol has shoulder aiming animation
- Increased spread for Sawn-Off shotgun
- Balanced spread for all other shotguns

1.2.1: Increased firerate for Carbine Rifle and Compact Rifle

Installation Information
An .oiv package installer has been provided. Always install into your mods folder.

Known Bugs
Precision Rifle ammo is bugged I'm looking at how to fix this.
Flashlights do not line up with reticle
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