MH-60 Black Hawk Package [Add-On | VehFuncs V] 1.0

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This is another modification / standalone mod of the recently released UH-60V Black Hawk.

The goal was to have a dedicated version of the special operations MH-60 Black Hawk.

By default, this roughly represents an MH-60K Black Hawk with an older cockpit like the recently updated HH-60G Pave Hawk.

One new main tuning option however includes the upwards exhaust system commonly found on newer MH-60M helicopters. Equipping this tuning option will also change the main cockpit panel with the one from the UH-60V, including 4 large screens. Both cockpit options feature working instruments.

I'll just copy the features list from the UH-60V: this mod features full LOD levels with a set of different liveries, normal and specular map. All liveries are compatible with all tuning options. Standard functions include openable doors, working cockpit instruments and working parts like suspension, rear stabilizer and extendable headlights. VehFuncs V enables windshield wipers during rain.

Additionally, the 2 side mounted M134 gatling guns can be controlled by passengers. The pilot can use flares. This mod still includes the DAP tuning options with rockets and missiles, but contrary to the UH-60V they are not useable here and purely visual cosmetics.

Included is a custom seat layout, allowing 8 people in total to sit inside. Please note that the entry animation to the sidewards facing seats does not include a door opening animation. Trying to do this always resulted in the peds getting stuck, so I just said screw it.

Liveries included:
-160th S.O.A.R.

Tuning Options:

-External fuel tanks
-Rocketpod and 30mm cannon (NOT USEABLE!)
-Hellfire Missiles and Rocketpod (NOT USEABLE!)

-Mh-60L front sensor suite

Front bumper:
-Internal fuel tanks
-Extended fast rope hinges
-Extended fast rope hinges with stored rope
-All options at once

-Antenna Option 1
-Antenna Option 2 (more or less MH-60M spec)

-Refueling boom

-Window tape option 1
-Window tape option 2

-UES / glass cockpit

Known issues:
-aforementioned lack of door opening for two seats
-the helicopter has a tendency to steer to the right without input. So far I ahven't found out what causes this, but I will keep looking.

For full List of credits, please refer to the included Readme File!

Before you use this, make sure to use the CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster by alexguirre to prevent the game from crashing during loading.

1. Place the "mh60k" folder into [Gamefolder]\update\X64\dlcpacks\

2. With OpenIV, extract [Game folder]\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml and edit this with Notepad++. Add the following entry:

3. Now you are done, you will need a trainer with "spawn by name" function (Enhanced Native Trainer for example) to spawn the vehicle type in:


Check out Instagram to be up-to-date with WIP works and to submit livery requests for new airliners.

Thanks you for all your continuous support and feedback, allowing me to now have over 200 uploads here. Your comments, ratings and donations are what keep me going, so don't stop what you've been doing ;)
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