Enus Stafford LWB Custom [Replace | Extras | Unlocked] 4.0

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Legendary Motorsport description:
A previously thought-to-be-destroyed prototype luxury limo that was supposed to be Enus' most extravagant and opulent automobile ever conceived, with Bleuter'd Champagne and Estancia Cigars right out of the factory. Then the 70's hit, and quality took a major nose dive. But as luck would have it, Someone at the Richman mansion bought all 12 of them, and is now selling them for 12,000,000 each. sounds quite cheap to us!

A limo version of the Stafford with the roof removed over the drivers area to give a sort of Cadillac town car-ish aesthetic



only one that i have noticed...

Replace "stafford.yft" and "stafford hi.yft" with the files given

V 1.0 - initial release.
V 2.0 - hinges fixed! plus front doors now have vent wings and a cover for the driver's seat can now be added or removed. (extras)
V3.0 - added trunk luggage and moved the side mirrors to the front fenders. (in true British car fashion)
v 4.0 - added .ytd files
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