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  • Trevor3

    @F7YO Is the archive count in this newest version really supposed to be 3416 now? in 25.5 that was like 13667. My game seems to be crashing with the new versions unless i put that back to 13667?? Am i missing something else? I do have heapadjuster set to 2000 and packfileadjuster as well

    31. juli 2021
  • Trevor3

    waiting patiently. This one just seems to work better once I started running NVE and ENB/Reshade plus alot of addons

    25. juli 2021
  • Trevor3

    This works really well. I have iv airwaves but I also have the colorized hud mod. Any chance you might consider optional colored icons for this to match. Still works fine but have a mixture of colored and standard.

    27. juni 2020
  • Trevor3

    This is going in my game ASAP!!!

    6. mai 2020
  • Trevor3

    @fright_lined_room yes they are full add ons. Medic is building over 200 full custom fire/ems trucks with real life names in a custom dlc. Take a look here

    21. april 2020
  • Trevor3

    @fright_lined_room Will this mod allow me to use add on ambulances? I have all of Medic4523's custom trucks installed and would love to actually be able to use them with this.

    19. april 2020
  • Trevor3

    Consider making this compatible with the new flatbeds on here and the flatbed script. Would really add alot to the script..

    19. desember 2019
  • Trevor3

    Now you just need to toss a light bar on the roof, and call it the Surge Protector...... And yes I know I should probably be banned for that horrible joke....

    16. november 2019
  • Trevor3

    Would also love to see an update to this mod, especially with all the recently released Tow truck models and the Flat bed script. The ability to use custom tow truck models would make this amazing!!

    29. september 2019
  • Trevor3

    @L00. Love this ENB, but having a weird issue that i can’t figure out. I have visualv +NVR + PRSA and it loads great and went thru the initial setup process in regular single player. However if i attempt to load the game with Ragehook for use with LSPDFR. Then my game crashes to desktop everytime. Does anyone have this ENB working well with Ragehook and what if anything did you do different. Reply here or pm me if you wish. Thanks!

    14. oktober 2018