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  • 00a785 logotipo plj productions

    @KamaitachiNew Pressing F10, the menu with four options as in the image:

    "Police heli to marker", "Maverick to marker", "Rappel from helicopter", "Remove last helicopter" & "Cargobob to marker".

    Whatever option you choose does nothing. In the videos that appear only see two options; "Airlift to marker" and "Rapell of heli".

    What I have to select to display "Airlift to marker"? Thank you.

    24. juni 2016
  • 00a785 logotipo plj productions

    @jedijosh920 You know where are the t-shirts jimmy's? I want to change his clothes, but cant find.

    11. april 2016
  • 00a785 logotipo plj productions

    @jedijosh920 It worked before, but now convulses and not grab the vehicle. Friction is 100000, please help.

    16. mars 2016
  • 00a785 logotipo plj productions

    I installed everything and if they leave towels but not the flag of Spain, I have been watching the "vb_36_hut.ytd" file and if I get the texture of the flag of Spain, but then I still play out the American flag, thanks.

    11. januar 2016