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    @GJ1996 I just meant overall looks good, the detail is appreciated.

    15. februar 2024
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    I see your point but I would say, GTA V has been out for 10 years, there are many competent modders out there who are aware of GTA V file structure. Like I know script language/ natives/update.rpf etc. My game is heavily modded with alot of it custom. Installer files for me must be examined (assembly.xml) OIV installers may overwrite changes that I have made, OIV Uninstaller will put things to vanilla :( . This essentially makes them incompatible out the box.
    You shouldnt be worried about the duplicate thing. I expect already that there is files in update.rpf and in one of the later update folders. Not a big deal if both have to be replaced.

    I will use an example. If a modder releases a vehicle or a weapon replacement or even an addon mod. If that modder uses OIV install to add dlc pack or replace game textures/meshes. And then includes a handling.meta or weapons.meta with just the one edit. These files should be placed outside the OIV installer IMO to allow for compatibility. You see modders put the edits made to these files in readmes. Im opposite you I find the installers to cause crazy headaches, I think they complicate things lol. Anyways good mod nice modeling appreciate the upload in 2024. Thank you
    I just had one last comment my bad bro lol. @GJ1996

    9. februar 2024
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    I have no idea why you choose to make an addon with OIV installer. I have seen OpenIV fail to write and corrupt files so many times, it definitely has a failure rate. Forcing people to use OIV is like a roll of dice if your game will break. Most people will have no idea which files were changed and how. That is no way to make mods. Looking at the oiv assembly file too much going to manually install could use some simple instructions, Damn at least it looks really good in pics I guess.

    6. februar 2024
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    @activationcode lol mod is great no issues for me, this best script mod imo, has been for years. Loads everything just as you left it.

    23. januar 2024
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    couldn't have looked to hard... Script will save everything trainer can save outfit presets and many other things

    23. januar 2024
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    @HughJanus love this mod, used it lots in Red Dead with no issues. I am unable to tweak the ini to make npc survive a long time after passing first dying state, npc are just dying instantly when going into dying state 1, jw which settings I can tweak for that? thx

    12. januar 2024
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    If your are looking for replace method Download the first version of this mod, there is a readme with instruction's to replace. Then proceed to extract the relevant updated .yft, ytd, files from the newest versions dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf

    10. januar 2024
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    Hey love this mod, man great idea. Wondering if you can add options to customize colors.

    4. januar 2024
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    Great work, Mod is working. just make sure you include all dependencies. Newest update seems to be missing required files, download an older version for all dependencies then overwrite. I needed NAudio.dll and NAudioCore.dll You can always check the scripthookDOTNETlog to see what is causing errors.

    29. desember 2023
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    @systematic Thanks, so much this was something Ive been looking for since gta v realeased. Great work , I really appreciate this man. Quite Legendary

    14. januar 2021