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    Is the mod "Vehicle Data & Model Tweaks 1.0" compatible with VWE 2.5?

    6. oktober 2021
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    Is this compatible with Vanillaworks Extended Pack 2.5?

    5. oktober 2021
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    Excellent work as always.

    Nice 3D model and working cockpit features.
    It also has a good selection of weapons, but the range of the barrage is a bit too short.

    Handling seems to be identical to that of vanilla Salvage helicopter. With the mediocre forward pitch ability due to the handling and the limited reach of the weaponary, using the cannon and barrage missiles on ground targets is surprisingly challenging. Often the target is either out of range or requires a pitch angle steeper than what the Hind can achieve.

    Lastly, it would be much nicer if the countermeasures rack is functional and can dispense flares.

    10. september 2021