Vanillaworks Extended Pack [Add-On | OIV | Tuning | Liveries] 1.1

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Vanillaworks Extended is an add-on pack that includes a collection of lore-friendly vehicles, vehicle liveries and peds from various different mod creators.

- 11john11
- AlexVonShep
- Artistraaw
- Blah
- Bob322
- Boywond
- Carrythxd
- Cass
- Da7K
- Dani02
- Darewnoo
- Dilapidated
- Johnny362000
- KermanRB12
- MGgames100
- TheF3nt0n
- Voit Turyv
- WildBrick142

Special thanks to Boywond for making the poster.

Full credits can be found in the ReadMe file.

- Add-On Plates Support
- IVPack Support
- Simple Trainer Support
- Two Vanillaworks License Plates
- Uninstall .OIV Package
- Various Vehicle Options

- Initial Release

- Added an option to enable IVPack and Vanillaworks Extended pack vehicles in traffic at the same time
- Added Artistraaw's Garage Alien Styling: Oversea Legends Livery Pack
- Added TheF3nt0n's Vapid Speedo
- Added WildBrick142's Vapid Contender Classic
- Added correct driver NPCs to the law enforcement vehicles
- Added VWEUninstaller.oiv package to allow people to uninstall the mod automatically
- Changed the modkit IDs on all vehicles to IDs that shouldn't break the customization on any important vanilla GTA V vehicles (Big thanks to Johnny362000 and WildBrick142 for the help)
- Fixed some errors in the credits
- Made the World of Variety files install automatically when the pack is installed
- Remade the add-on
- Updated Dani02's Schyster Greenwood to version 1.1 (transparent license plate fix)

- Annis Euros
- Annis Hizoku (2 Variants)
- Benefactor Glendale Coupe
- Benefactor Surano GT
- Bravado Bison
- Bravado Buffalo (Gruppe Sechs)
- Bravado Buffalo S
- Bravado Gauntlet Heist
- Bravado Gauntlet Hellhound
- Bravado Gresley (Merryweather Security)
- Bravado Rat-Loader
- Bravado Stubby Duneloader
- Brute Pony (Bobcat Security)
- Brute Roadkiller
- Brute Stockade (Bocat Security)
- Brute Yosemite
- Canis Mesa (Gruppe Sechs)
- Cheval Fugitive (Bobcat Security)
- Cheval Picador Loco (2 Variants)
- Declasse Burrito (1st Gen)
- Declasse Granger (Bobcat Security)
- Declasse Moonbeam (2 Variants)
- Declasse Premier (Merryweather Security)
- Dinka Blista Compact T/A
- Dinka Flash
- Emperor ES550
- Invetero Coquette (9 Variants)
- Karin Dilettante (Gruppe Sechs)
- Karin Futo JTCC
- Lampadati Pigalle US-Spec (2 Variants)
- Maibatsu Mule Flatbed
- Mammoth Patriot Classic
- Pfister Comet Retro
- Schyster Greenwood
- TMPD Annis Elegy Retro
- Vapid Coyote
- Vapid Coyote Off-Road
- Vapid Dominator Classic
- Vapid Contender Classic (2 Variants)
- Vapid Executioner
- Vapid Sandking
- Vapid Speedo
- Vapid Stanier (5 Variants)
- Vapid Stanier (Merryweather Security)
- Vapid STD Stanier (2 Variants)
- Vulcar Warrener Coupe
- Weeny Issi Hardtop

- Annis Elegy Retro - Nishigawa Crew Pack, Old Skool Pack & Team Gensai Pack
- Annis RE-7B - Team Access & Team Gensai
- Bravado Banshee 900R - Nishigawa Crew Pack & Rattlesnake
- Karin Sultan RS - Cyclone, KTD Drift-Spec, Nishigawa Crew Pack, Skulduggery & Tsunami
- Lampadati Tropos Rallye - Team Fukaru
- Mobile Operations Center - ALIEN Delivery, Arti-San GAS, Arti-San Special & Mobile Styling Laboratory
- Pfister Comet Retro - Atomics, Black Widow, False Prophet & Hookies Special

- Bobcat Security Armored Driver
- Bobcat Security Guard
- Merryweather Security Guard

1. Open OpenIV
2. Go to Tools -> Package Installer
3. Find the "VWE.oiv" file and open it
4. Click on "Install"
5. Choose the "mods" folder option and wait for it to finish the installation

MANUAL (with liveries):
1. Open the VWE.oiv file with WinRar/7Zip
2. Open the assembly.xml file with Notepad/Notepad++
3. Follow the installation paths in the assembly.xml file and place the files in their folders

MANUAL (without liveries):
1. Open the VWE.oiv file with WinRaR/7Zip
2. Find the folder called "vwe" with the dlc.rpf file inside it
3. Go to \update\x64\dlcpacks and create a folder called "vwe" (withoute quotes)
4. Place the dlc.rpf from the "vwe" folder inside it
5. Go to \update\update.rpf\common\data and open the dlclist.xml file
6. Inside the file add dlcpacks:vwe\ and save it

bison4, blistata, bsfugitive, bsgranger, bspony, buffalo4, burrito6, comet4, contender3, contender4, coqhway, coqhway2, coqpolice, coqpolice2, coqsheriff, coquette5, coquette6, coyote, coyote2, dilettante3, dloader2, dloader3, domc, elegy3, es550, executioner, euros, flash, futo3, g6buffalo, g6mesa, gauntlet3, greenwood, glendale2, hellhound, hizoku, hizokuc, issi, moonbeam3, moonbeam4, mule4, mwgresley, mwpremier, mwstanier, patriot2, picadorl, picadorld, pigalle2, pigalle3, ratloader3, roadkiller, rpdcar1, rpdcar2, rpdcar3, rpdcar4, sandking3, speedo3, stanier3, stanier4, stanier5, stdstanier, stdstanier2, stockade2, sultanrs2, suranogt, warrener2, yosemite

S_M_M_Armoured_03, S_M_M_ChemSec_01, S_M_M_Security_03
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