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  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    This pack is awesome, have had it in my game for a little bit, now. However, as someone who does like to RP in a FiveM server, I was wondering if there's a version of this pack that's made to be easily added to a FiveM server, or if I'd have to break it down and make a version that would run in a FiveM server.

    15. desember 2017
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    There's a new update to this texture pack coming very soon, but it will be landing on, first. Also, pre-release screenshots can be found here:

    28. juli 2017
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    @AtomiMursu 9 on the NumPad to speed up, 3 to stop.

    9. oktober 2016
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    @Kilyin Wow, I didn't even think to give that a try (I've always had it set to 1.25). I'll give it a try when I can and hope it works! Thanks for the tip!

    10. desember 2015
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    I have installed everything that's required to run this mod, I have copied the .asi file to the main GTA V directory, I hit 0 (above the O/P keys) and I get snow falling from the sky and tracks on the ground.

    ** There is no snow on the ground, though.

    Game build: 505.2 (newest)
    Other mods that I have installed (not all mods):
    - RAGE Plugin Hook [v0.28]
    - ScriptHookV [v1.0.505.2]
    - Simple Trainer for GTA V [v2.8]
    - VisualV [v1.0.110]
    - Semi-Realistic Vehicle Physics V [v1.7.5]

    4. desember 2015
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    @GooD-NTS I couldn't drag and drop regardless. But after reinstalling OpenIV a few times, it looks like my problem is resolved. My bad.

    29. november 2015
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    @GooD-NTS I have the newest version of OpenIV, running as Administrator with Edit Mode enabled, still won't allow me to drag and drop anything into OpenIV. I've never been able to. I am, however, still able to drag and drop things from OpenIV to other programs.

    29. november 2015
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    It's a great tool, but I definitely miss the ability to drag and drop item INTO Open IV (not just out of OpenIV). Is there any plan to bring back that functionality?

    28. november 2015
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    @Khrazer Try using the 'mods' folder feature in OpenIV (see the OpenIV website for details on how to do this). This will take up more disk space, but will also prevent Rockstar from trying to update your game every time you launch (unless there really is an update), as well as prevent overwriting stock files. Also make sure to install the OpenIV.asi file (found in Tools > ASI Manager). I hope this helps you!

    26. november 2015
  • 3a3db9 v7splash m1

    @thief This car replaces the Progen T20.

    8. november 2015