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    @Poorsoul44 Thank you for your swift reply!
    Since you pointed out that there might be some imcompatibilites with other mods, I decided to do a few more tests. I tried installing your mod over the vanilla game only, without any other mods or scripts. The result was, I could open the registers with some weapons (melee, gunsweeper, heavy shotgun, widowmaker) but not with all of them. However, the game no longer bugged when I tried sleeping at a safehouse. I think that I experienced that weird bug before because I installed the 1.4 over the 1.1 file. Cheers!

    10. januar 2021
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    First of all, congratulations on the mod mate. It's amazing, very good job. Along with a gun sound mod, your mod makes gunfights much more interesting! I'd like to ask you a question: does your mod override the accuracy stats of each character? Or do they apply over the mod?

    Also, I've got 3 bugs to report:
    1-) The double barrel shotgun does not have reload animation, but only in 3rd person view. If you use 1st person it works fine. Contrary to what others reported here, it's the only weapon I had this problem with.
    2-) The compact rifle is making the camera shake excessively when shooting in 3rd person, makes you feel like the character is drunk, not recoil.
    3-) For some reason, you can no longer open registers in shops by shooting them. I tried with many different weapons, had no success. Also, whenever I try to do this and proceed to sleep at a safehouse, the game breaks. You can't save or exit the game through the menu (esc key didn't work). I had to quit the game with the task manager.


    8. januar 2021