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  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @Alex106 Found some false placed bushes. dont know if its already part of map fixes

    11 hours ago
  • F6e4df thebigtime
    Pinned Comment

    Changes in 1.6

    New Blood mist splatter Textures
    Metafiles Edits
    Added Textures for
    - Bullet Holes
    - Shotgun Holes
    - Damage on Cars
    - Damage on Walls
    - Shattered Glass
    - Blood Splatter from Knife Stabs

    Particle Files
    Changed Color of
    - Explosion Fireball
    - Fire Trail
    - Embers
    - Muzzle01 & Muzzle02
    - Campfire - Not exactly like NVE but i want to try out what can be done with ypt.xml editing
    - Fire Textures overall
    - some other stuff

    New Requirements! Linked in the Description

    14 hours ago
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    u can use the names of the textures to search in the ypt.xml
    like ptfx_fire_v3

    16 hours ago
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @Kaai210 Export the core.ypt files in update.rpf to xml with codewalker. open the core.ypt.xml with notepad+
    search for flames. the file has 1.6 million lines and almost every value is unknown. the textures get exported too if you want to edit them. some textures that codewalker exports cant be open in editing programms so you have to do another export with openiv to edit the textures. if you made your changes u can import the file with codewalker again with rightclick - import xml and choose the ypt.xml that u created at the beginning

    16 hours ago
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    its a different effect, might look similar. it uses the same alternate effect called muz_alternate_star which every assault rifle uses. however this effect doesnt have the same flash and smoke effect of my mod. if you compare the vanilla assault rifles u should recognize their effects are looking almost the same. Nighttime and 25% Gamespeed is the best way to test the difference of the muzzle effects.

    21 hours ago
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    thank you for fixing the Decals Limit :)

    23 hours ago
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @GsTMKE @GlitchedGiant @Poorsoul44 @aWatson0913

    This Patch fixes the not shootable Bulletproof Glass
    its required now. i am testing out the new limits that we got now and update this mod soon

    23 hours ago
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    finally a truck sound. thanks for sharing

    1 dag siden
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @MylesTheBroom i tested it on a fresh modsfolder and it works 100%
    if the effect doesnt show up you might have done something wrong while installation. are u shure u dropped the data folder in the right location?

    1 dag siden
  • F6e4df thebigtime

    @MylesTheBroom did u drop the folder in the right place?
    did u load all weapons first to force the game loading all weapon effects?
    metas installed in the right place?

    1 dag siden