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    Awesome! Could you also do this for house gates as well?

    27. september 2020
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    @FelixTheBlackCat Dude you are amazing! As I posted the review I actually encountered the random attack one, but have not yet encountered the undercover cop!

    And for the suggestion #1, it could be easier if it was just carrying the drugs from the meth lab to the car before the delivery? But yeah, I see what you mean for the limiting the player with what vehicle they might choose.

    All in all, one of the most thought out and well executed mod I've seen :).

    6. januar 2020
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    This mod is awesome!!! I sometimes cant get the distribution to work, but it works 90% of the time.

    Some suggestions:
    1. Perhaps being able to carry the meth in hand to a vehicle (putting it in trunk for example) to make it a bit more realistic?
    2. Maybe every so often, a buyer would be an undercover cop that you would have figure out a way to resolve the situation.

    5. januar 2020
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    The rims look great. Don't know why everybody is each their own.

    12. juni 2019
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    Could you make the GLC63 AMG? :D

    12. juni 2019
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    Are the cars supposed to un-save itself every time I restart the game?

    9. april 2019
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    @JohnDoey72 I have noticed a drop. Thanks for the tip! But it may also be the couple of addon cars I have lol. :P 4 years old, 2 year old rig. Still killing my computer. Thanks R*

    17. mars 2019
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    @JohnDoey72 I actually managed to get it to work. What I did was install the logitech software (software listed under drivers) on their website. For reference its the G29 with the shifter sold separately. I also had the wheel set to PS3 if that makes any difference. OTHER than that, I have the most recent file for this mod, and plugged on the wheel/shifter prior to starting the game and had the Logitech software open. Steam had the Generic controller setting off. Hope this helps others who are having issues.

    16. mars 2019
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    I have the G29 steering wheel with the H-shifter, but everything registers EXCEPT the Clutch pedal and H-shifter (all gears). Anyone know of a way to fix this? I have a legit version of GTA V (most updated). Here's a copy/paste from the Gears.log file.

    [22:41:22.813] [ INFO] GTAVManualTransmission v4.6.5 (build Dec 27 2018)
    [22:41:22.816] [ INFO] Game version 48
    [22:41:22.818] [ INFO] Running executable: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe
    [22:41:22.823] [ INFO] File Version: 1.0.1604.1
    [22:41:22.826] [ WARN] Version mismatch!
    [22:41:22.828] [ WARN] Detected: VER_1_0_1604_0_STEAM
    [22:41:22.831] [ WARN] Reported: 48
    [22:41:22.833] [ WARN] Using detected version (VER_1_0_1604_0_STEAM)
    [22:41:22.842] [ INFO] Script registered
    [22:42:47.148] [ INFO] Script started
    [22:42:47.154] [ INFO] Settings read
    [22:42:47.627] [ INFO] Setting up globals
    [22:42:47.639] [ INFO] WHEEL: Initializing input devices
    [22:42:47.642] [ INFO] WHEEL: Setting up DirectInput interface
    [22:42:47.698] [ INFO] WHEEL: Found 1 device(s)
    [22:42:47.701] [ INFO] WHEEL: Device: Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device
    [22:42:47.705] [ INFO] WHEEL: GUID: {06DCFBE0-D621-11E7-8002-444553540000}
    [22:42:47.708] [ INFO] WHEEL: Devices initialized
    [22:42:47.711] [ INFO] WHEEL: Init FFB device
    [22:42:47.714] [ WARN] WHEEL: FFB device not found
    [22:42:47.717] [ INFO] WHEEL: Not set up in .ini:
    [22:42:47.720] [ INFO] WHEEL: Device: Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device
    [22:42:47.723] [ INFO] WHEEL: GUID: {06DCFBE0-D621-11E7-8002-444553540000}
    [22:42:47.726] [ INFO] WHEEL: Steering wheel initialization finished
    [22:42:47.729] [ INFO] START: Initialization finished
    [22:47:39.859] [ INFO] PATCH: Init shutdown
    [22:47:39.867] [ INFO] PATCH: Script shut down cleanly

    14. mars 2019