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    @ikt Nvm, I somehow managed to fix it but don't ask me how :D.
    Have sent you a little donation for your great work :).

    6. august 2022
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    Hello itk,
    I guess I need your help since a am absolutely clueless. I have used your mod for hundreds of hours and reinstalled it several times without any problem until today.
    I just reinstalled GTA V + your mod and was able to assign all buttons of my wheel (T-300), pedals (T-LCM) and G29 shifter. But somehow the mod now tells me that my wheel is disconnected right after starting the game while it works flawless in the windows device manager. I can even move the wheel for about 1-2 seconds right after booting GTA V until I lose every response and receive the "wheel disconnected" error.
    Do you have any idea on how to fix this? Reconnecting the wheel while staying in GTA V does not help, rebooting Windows did not help either.
    Thank you once again!

    6. august 2022
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    Sorry if this has been asked before but I was noticing how quiet the game is in FPV, the own engine noise is barely noticeable. I have therefore turned down the ingame music, is there a better solution/setting in the mod?

    10. april 2022
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    I really hope there will be a follow up mod for the next GTA. I simply love it and spent hundreds of hours on GTA V again after losing all the interests via gamepad.
    Only thing that annoys me are the first two really small gears but I believe there is a solution in the settings which I am going to check out soon.

    5. april 2022
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    A video would be nice!

    16. april 2019
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    @Lahwuns Exactly this is a problem many others surely also have!
    I am glad you found a solution and thank you for sharing your thaughts.
    As I mentioned before I believe that @Rockettt is facing the same problem.
    Btw, once you have opened the G29 software, you can terminate it again - the wheel will be recognized until next reboot/login. I am very sure that the Logitech software will steal some fps from you (so did it to me) so you'd better make sure to close it right after!

    On my G29 I turned the switch to PS4 and besides I am using a Dualshock 4 Controller. To access all the ingame and mod menus directly with the wheel I am using Xpadder which allows me to toggle keys and combinations. Check it out, if you want to :).
    You can also use the Logitech Software to toggle keys/set hotkeys but again, its eating fps.

    Have a nice day.

    16. mars 2019
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    @Lahwuns did you set up your shifter in the ingame mod settings before? it wont get recognized if you dont set it up once.

    @minato you can try doing that with the program xpadder. it lets you define buttons on every gamepad/wheel/keyboard with various tweaks, I am using this to navigate with my wheel through all the ingame and mod menus.

    16. mars 2019
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    @dodgeboy121 go into the ingame mod settings, look for the force feedback options and play around with the parameters, each parameter has his own little description. My current settings are:
    EnableWheel = true
    WheelWithoutManual = true
    PatchSteering = true
    PatchSteeringAlways = false
    PatchSteeringControl = true
    LogitechLEDs = true
    HPatternKeyboard = false
    InvertSteer = false
    InvertThrottle = false
    InvertBrake = false
    InvertClutch = false
    SteeringReductionWheel = 0.000000
    GameSteerMultWheel = 1.330000
    SteeringReductionOther = 1.000000
    GameSteerMultOther = 1.000000
    UseShifterForAuto = false

    DEV0 = Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel USB
    DEV1 = Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)

    Enable = true
    SATAmpMult = 0.400000
    DetailMult = 0.500000
    DamperMax = 125
    DamperMin = 50
    DamperMinSpeed = 1.200000
    Scale = true
    CollisionMult = 0.800000

    ANTIDEADZONE = 0.250000
    SteerAngleMax = 900.000000
    SteerAngleCar = 900.000000
    SteerAngleBike = 180.000000
    SteerAngleBoat = 420.000000
    DEVICE = 0
    AXLE = lX
    MIN = 0
    MAX = 65535
    FFB = lX
    DEADZONE = 0.000000
    DEADZONEOFFSET = 0.000000

    ANTIDEADZONE = 0.250000
    DEVICE = 0
    AXLE = lY
    MIN = 65535
    MAX = 0
    GAMMA = 1.000000

    ANTIDEADZONE = 0.250000
    DEVICE = 0
    AXLE = lRz
    MIN = 65535
    MAX = 0
    GAMMA = 2.200000

    DEVICE = 0
    AXLE = rglSlider0
    MIN = 65535
    MAX = 0[/spoiler]

    16. mars 2019
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    @Rockittt My G29 only works when I start the Logitech Wheel software (you can close it again after that, just needs to be started once)

    @ikt I have found another tiny bug: the wheel keeps steering when entering a cutscene while driving, maybe you know a solution for this :).

    16. mars 2019
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    @Cass Hey mate what do you mean by saying WOV is not compatible with story mode? I thought it would bring all the online stuff to offline mode (= story mode)?
    Thank you for your help.

    10. mars 2019