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    Will there be a v8 or v12 Non hybrid version? For those who don’t care about the environment?

    6. november 2020
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    Congratulations on the update! Been the best mod on this website for a while now. And its still getting updates! Something that would be cool to add would be start/stop so the engine turns off at traffic lights and back on when you drive away again. Just an idea. Thanks for the mod as always...

    15. september 2020
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    @Aziz Kuchkarov how do i download the other car in the first picture? The one that looks like the panamera? Thanks, great mod btw!

    1. juli 2020
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    Hi, i love the mod, and just wanted to notify you that the problem with game Crashes with a Logitech G920 and ScriptHookVDotNet v2 is no longer a problem (i know it was because i experienced it before) but for some reason the game no longer crashes with and a G920, im NOT using RAGE either. Don't know why but it dosnt. Just thought id let you know...

    2. januar 2020
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    @zemanez , great and thanks for the quick reply! Love your mod so much! I understand some things you can’t do: like the ABS but thanks for considering th other things, I’ll be looking out for them! Also Cruise Control would be a pretty neat feature!

    17. august 2019
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    Hello! Fantastic mid which I have used for years and would recommend to everyone. Thank you!
    Here’s a few things I would love to have implemented into the mod to make it even better...
    *Traction control light, which lights when traction control is enabled
    *launch control on cars: hold handbrake and slam accelerator, the car hold at 4000 revs and when you release the handbrake the car goes. Quick.
    * start/stop on cars. When enabled in the menu cars will turn off the engine when stoped (but keep lights and radio on) then when the accelerator is pressed the car starts up automatically.
    *hazzords when car brakes hard it is crashed
    *ABS: the car, when braking heavily, uses ABS to stop better (also has a light like the traction control)
    *The ability to go into online apartments without spawning into them. (If possible)

    These are just things I would love to be added, this mod is still fantastic and is probs the best go-to mod on this website! ThankYou!!!!

    15. august 2019
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    Hi @ikt could you please help! ive used this mod before and its worked perfectly, however ive just cam back to it after a while but for some reason its not working now. I have a G920 wheel plugged in and the mod recognizes it, however it says i must configure it, so i do and the setup works fine... however the wheel just doesnt work! no force feedback, no movement on the ingame wheel, throttle, clutch or brake! could you think of a reason why? ive reinstalled the mod, the drivers for the wheel ive even downgraded the mod but still nothing!? Any clues? i have script-hook installed and NOT as i know that doesnt work with my wheel... Thanks, and PLEASE HELP i love this mod!!!

    14. august 2019
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    @BULLFAYCE Bit of an unrelated question, but my RAGEPlugin wont let me change any settings: I change launch console to F11 but it changes it back to F4 straight away on next launch. Have you experienced this? and can you think of anyway to fix it...

    PS: Thanks ALOT!!

    18. august 2018
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    OMG!!! I can confirm what @BULLFAYCE said: I followed his instructions by downloading RAGEPlugin and downloaded, with a random mod (just to see if it works.) And it did I have a LOGITECH G920 and it works fine when using RAGEPlugin. Thanks @BULLFAYCE !! @ikt

    18. august 2018
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    @ikt Please could you add an engine start/stop feature: so when the car is in neutral for longer than 2 seconds the engine turns off and then when you press the clutch pedal the car sarts up again just like in real life (most modern cars have this)

    21. april 2018