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  • Chop

    @VoidPancake Thanks So Much man! :) I followed in their footsteps and I tried the mods: "NativeTrainer" and "OpenAllInteriors" , both mods are of type ".asi".
    I have noticed that in this way, I can play with mods of type ".asi", but, I would like to know if there is any way to be able to install mods type "scripts".
    Do you know through FiveM how to install them?

    16. mai 2020
  • Chop

    Yo People!
    Please stop asking questions as they already resolved.
    Please read all comments since Thursday the 14th.

    1. EpicGames GTA V is at version 1.0.1868.4.
    "ScriptHookV" is currently at version 1.0.1868.1. We have to wait for Alexander Blade & Moderators to update it to this new version. This may take time.

    2. @Reyser is a web moderator, and 5 hours ago he posted a comment saying: "Alexander Blade is not banned on this site because never had an account. We (moderators) are using the banned fake account to make you guys get ScriptHookV updates notifications in an easier and quicker way, but he's not in this site. "

    3. Some people commented that it is possible to install ScriptHookV and other Mods by downloading and using the "FiveM" Service.
    If someone here knows how this can be done, we would appreciate it if you could explain it. Thank you!

    16. mai 2020
  • Chop

    @kfighter27 At the moment I did not try it.
     I think you also have to add the "Native" and "" but I'm not sure about that.

    16. mai 2020
  • Chop

    Hi people.
    I was reading all the comments.
    Apparently they are working on updating ScriptHookV to the new version to apply to GTA V from EpicGames. We will have to wait.
    But I have read that by downloading FiveM you can also play GTAV in SinglePlayer and add mods. I have read that FiveM comes with ScriptHookV already installed.
    Does anyone know where to put the "scripts" folder and the "ScriptHookV.Net" file?

    16. mai 2020
  • Chop

    This version of ScriptHookV (1.0.1868.1) doesn't work on the version of GTA V in Epic Games Store.
    Because the GTA of Epic Games is updated to the version 1.0.1868.4.
    Moderators of ScriptHookV please upgrade to this version. Thanks!

    15. mai 2020