Complex Tax & Invoices Payment [FINAL] Compiled

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Like and follow this if you like this mod since i've managed to add another features to this mod. And also put a comment if there is any suggestions. for those who are able to, you can also donate to if you wish to contribute.

This seems the first GTAV Tax & Bill Mod. The code is: "live large pay large, live less pay less". So if the game makes you can ride a car without paying vehicles services, use phone, internet, power for TV's, water for the gardener and can live in the big mansion without even pay the bills you can say that a freedom, but with this Mod you can kiss your freedom goodbye.

For those who seek realism now you have Taxes, Bills and other invoices in your game-life have to be paid. The more your wealth is, the more you're charged. Now you have more purposes to make paper in this game.

If at scheduled time (see "readMe") invoice message appears that means it's time for you to pay for your life. it include five payments (see below). Now you can just PRESS "Y" to pay or either ignore the message to if you willing to not pay the invoices, but... the consequence is awaits.

As the message appears, you ONLY HAVE 15 GAME-MINUTES to pay, or else you will find your self in trouble.

---Updated, Option either to pay or ignore the message (consequences)
---Invoices are now scheduled (schedule check "readMe" file)
---Add bill invoices
---Add Healthcare Invoices
---Add Auto services invoices
---Add Insurance Invoices
---Bug fixed, key pressed and nothing.
---More balanced system.

---V.1.7 - REALEASED
-----Updated - Payments & invoices now triggered automaticly random between 1-3 day-game
-----Updated - invoice comes first then after 2-5 in-game hours later your bank does your payment

---V.1.6 - not released
-----Updated, add new Payment - Health care
-----Updated, add new Payment - Vehicles & Auto services
-----Updated, More money more you have, more payment precentage charged
-----Updated, new notification mechanic system
-----Updated, payment debited by your bank awhile after invoices are received
-----Updated, transfer status notification

---V.1.5 - not released
-----Updated, Taxes, Bills and insurance now calculated separately

---V.1.4 - RELEASED
-----Bug Fixed, when below $10.000 money increasing instead of decreasing
-----Updated, more precisely tax & Bill
-----Updated, add more a lot of new notifications

---V.1.3 - not released
-----Bug fixed, taxes & bills multiplied several times when player money above 100 million
-----updated, taxes & bills become more accurate
-----updated, balanced taxes & bills

---V.1.2 - not released
-----Bug fixed, message appearances
-----Bug fixed, less money big taxes, more money less taxes

---V.1.1 - not released
-----Updated, key load
-----Updated, add sound animation

---V.1.0 - not released
-----Taxes is 1% and bills 1,5%
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