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Firstly, sorry for my bad english ^_^. Since heist mission is unrepeatable and no news for any new single player content, I've decided to make my own custom heist. This is my first mod. If there is any bugs or issue, please leave a comment and i'll fix it

New!: 1.3 update
Training your crew has payoff. You can now send your crew to do the heist while you can go home and watch Princess Robot Bubblegum anime and receive money once the jobs done. There's still a chance that your crew might die and fail the mission. The success chance is range between 30 to 90% based on your crew experience. Higher your crew experience, higher the chance to succeed. Have fun!

-Added delay to cancel and clear save. (Press and hold 'I' and 'O' button to cancel and 'U' and 'I' to clear saves.
-Fixed wrong menu text.
-Adjusted simulation timer.
-Added key to check current crew experience and efficiency. Default key "DELETE" (can be change in the new heist.ini.)
-Fixed mission failed due to character change bug even you didn't event change character.
-Fixed sending crew failure percentage.
-Fixed no money added at final heist.
-Sending crew bug fix
-Game crash fix.
-Increase crew experience gain per heist.
-Fixed progression not being save on fresh install.
-Other minor bug fix
-Fixed progression not save properly if using other than Franklin, Trevor, and Michael character.(Still not suggest to do heist other than main three character.)
-Other bug fix.
-Added sending crew.(Can only been done when your crew has enough experience.)
-Added alternate setup. (Enable this option in heist.ini if you cannot enter Garmen Factory.
-Update AI behavior especially Lester when moving back to your vehicle.
-Some bug fix and update for upcoming mission.
-Fix undrivable getaway vehicle bug.
-Added another trigger to force open Garmen Factory interior if in the area.
-Update Lester behavior after checking the vault door. In case lester is not moving after you reach the vault door or his path interrupted, just leave him and get in your vehicle. This will reset his path and increase his walking speed. (Works fine on my side. Need confirmation from others)
-Fix some message not showing.
-Update factory/bank door. (All doors is open fine on my side. Need confirmation from others)
-Fix the insurgent marker wrongly placed.
-Initial release.

This mod add a custom heist mission where you had to rob a Pasific Bank.
Divided into 3 stages so players can do something else in between instead of doing it straight and restart everything if fail. Hire your hacker and gunman to help you in this mission. Your reward will be range from $500,000 to $10,000,000 once you complete the mission.

More mission will be added later.

How to start:
When you install this mod for the first time, someone will contact you about the new job and red 'H' icon will pop up on your map. Go to the location, enter the building and you'll find blue marker. Here is where you are going to receive the mission.

(1.3) How to send crew for heist:
Go to the red 'H' icon where you meet Lester. There will be new mini mission(only available if you already complete all heist stage or haven't start any heist stage). Start and just do your daily Los Santos live. Notification will appear once in a while to tell you about Crew status.

Consist of 4 stages.
1. Survey the bank.
2. Hiring the crew and getting your getaway vehicle.
3. Distraction.
4. The score.
If you are on one of this mission and you change character, the mission will fail. This is to prevent bug and separating the mission and stages to all three character.

If you fail any of the stage , you WILL NOT repeat the whole stage. Only the stage that you have failed.

Your crew will gain experience each time you complete the whole heist mission. Professional crew won't gain experience. Once your crew level up, a notification will appear and the next time you have to re-hire your crew, the colour of the text will change to blue. Maximum level crew will have the same name and performance as Professional crew but his cut will stay the same as before.

Crew level, mission stages, and mission setting will carry even if you exit the game.

Numpad 8 and Numpad 2 to navigate the menu.
Numpad 5 to select.
Up / Down arrow keys for Laptop users and Right to select.
Press and HOLD 'I' and 'O' simultaneously to cancel mission.
Press and HOLD 'U' and 'I' simultaneously to clear save file.

Installation Notes:
1)Install ScripthookV
2)Extract downloaded archive.
3)Copy the heist_mission.asi from the downloaded archive and paste it into the main GTA 5 folder.

Thanks to the author of scripthookv and Ghost_Rolly, the red house mod author for his source.
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