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Human needs v.0.3


Remember: if you update from old version, you have to update also settings file ("HumanNeeds.ini")!

Changelog v.0.3
- Hidden needs stats when cutscenes are playing.
- Added key control for switching show/hide needs stats - this linked with new settings parameter "ShowNeedsStatsAtStartup" in "HumanNeeds.ini".
- Added colored background for needs stats - can be completely disabled in "HumanNeeds.ini" or you can set background transparency ("NeedsStatsBgIntensity" parameter).
- Changed inventory color title - color varies according to the active player => changed color of food stores blips and food buying menu title.
- Needs stats aligned to bottom.
- Bug fixed: use special ability is not allowed when is disabled by the game.

Changelog v.0.2
- Added key control setting for load/save player data and for restore needs to 100%.
- Added settings for own prices of items.
- In label for Coffee shop, Restaurant and Motel showed cost (English language).

- Adds needs: eating, sleeping and having fun - I know that having fun isn't really human need, but fits to the game with this mod :). These needs must be refilled, because low values have negative effects such as loss of health, loss of special ability, etc.
- Adds shops with food and liquor, restaurants, motels and coffee shops in order to recharge your needs.
- Each player has his own inventory with consumer goods, that can freely consume and refill by shopping.

How to install
1. Install "Script Hook V" by Alexander Blade (
2. From archive drag "HumanNeeds.asi" & "HumanNeeds.ini" into the GTA V root directory (directory with "PlayGTAV.exe").
3. Make sure, that you have installed the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework.
4. Enjoy!

Conclusion and provisions
- Development, testing and debug of the script on the original SocialClub (nonSteam) released version 393.4 - 617.1 GTAV.
- !!!Author (including authors of third-party software) take(s) no responsibility, which hereby fully declaim(s). Take note that any application or use of this mod or its content is only at your own risk and your own responsibility!!!
- !!!This mod doesn´t support warez and therefore use it only with the original content!!!
- !!!If you disagree with the above mentioned, DON´T USE THIS MOD!!!

For more information, read “ReadMe.txt”.
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