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Helmet Control

Now with helmet switcher and permanent mode!!

Ver 0.1 - Super simple script enable/disable helmets -
Ver 0.2 - Enable/disable + cycle helmets + permanent-

Tired of your character magically summoning a helmet when you hop on a motorcycle? How about when you jump in a Chopper?
Preventing you from switching views? Obstructing or tinting your vision in first person?

  • ScripthookV
  • Lua plugin for Scripthook V
  • Asi loader (dsound.dll or other)


  • ; remove helmet and stop helmets from appearing

  • ' enable helmets

-advanced version-
  • ] cycle helmets (currently crudely implemented, so some characters may end cycle early)
  • \ cycle helmet texture (only some helmets have more than one texture)

My programing is rusty and weak, so I'm open to suggestions for improved code.
I am also open to suggestions for the mod.
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