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Want to get yourself in a turreted vehicle, and shoot some enemies, this is your chance. Pick a mission, get in a turret and start shooting. Your only mission is to reach the end point alive, with or without the vehicle.

-Pick a mission and warp into a turreted vehicle, technical, insurgent, caracara, limo2 or why not a trashed boxville with a Machine gun.
-Five missions for now.
-When you start a mission, you recieve a 3 stars wanted level, however for a more challenging mission, you can increase this in the source code.
-To start a mission, simply go to the caracara icon in the docks, and select the desired one, use numpads to navigate through menu.
-If the vehicle get stuck press "G" key to place it in the next street properly.

INSTALL: Put DriveBys.vb in the scripts folder, requires ScripthookVdotnet


This script is free source, so it means that you a re free to modify any of my scripts, and i invite to all modders to release the source code of their scirpts, it is a way to keep the modding community growing up.
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