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This mod adds Auto Dealers to San Andreas.
Now you can buy vehicles offline (cars, bikes, vans, trucks and more)!

UPDATE 12/2022: After four years I'm back with the new improved version 2.x of the mod. It's rewritten from scratch, no more crashes: smart spawning system will now queue all the required models and not try to spawn them all at once. Also, now all the Dealers are present on the game map automatically, there is no more option to toggle them.

UPDATE 12/2022: The mod is open-source now:


  1. Check the game map for Auto Dealers icons;
  2. Go to Auto Dealer and choose vehicle you want to buy;
  3. Sit in the vehicle and click "Buy this vehicle";
  4. Vehicle engine will be unlocked and you can drive away.


  • 17 dealerships all around the state;
  • Each dealership has its unique specialization (brand or vehicle class);
  • Dealerships offer different sets of cars on each visit;
  • Realistic vehicle prices;
  • Test Drive any vehicle before you buy;
  • Examine vehicles: open doors, trunk and hood, sit on different seats;
  • Set custom License Plate text on a bought vehicle;
  • Fully customizable:
    • All vehicles and prices stored in XML files;
    • You can add custom vehicles for sale;
    • Modded vehicles support;


These mods are required, make sure you install them first:
- ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade (extract in your GTAV folder)
- ScriptHookV .NET by crosire and team (extract to GTAV folder and create GTAV\Scripts subfolder)
- LemonUI by Lemon (extract SHVDN3 folder contents to GTAV\Scripts folder)


Copy AutoDealers.dll and AutoDealersData folder to GTAV\Scripts


  1. Goto GTAV\Scripts\AutoDealersData folder;
  2. Open XML file for required dealership in text editor;
  3. Edit price, save the file, restart game.


  1. Sit in the vehicle you want to add;
  2. Press Shift+U to open menu and click "Add current vehicle";
  3. Select Auto Dealer;
  4. Enter vehicle name;
  5. Enter vehicle price;
  6. Done. Added vehicle will be available for sale at selected dealership.
(If you want to remove added vehicle - edit an XML file as described in the previous section)
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