The Purple Families & Green Ballas Pack [2.0 + OIV]

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THIS USES OPENIV'S PACKAGE INSTALLER SO IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO INSTALL THESE THEN HERE'S HOW: In OpenIV there's a section named "tools" on the toolbar. Click on "Package Installer" under "tools" and then open the .OIV file I put in the .rar.

2.0 Edited Stretch, D, Gerald and added their edited cutscene textures along with Lamar's. I also fixed up a shirt I messed up on for g_m_y_ballasout.ytd I fixed up the mural a little bit more too and added vehiclemodelset.meta which changes Families car colors to purple & Ballas car colors to green.
If you're installing from 1.0, you'll need to reinstall everything except CarsonAve.oiv. I apologize for all the different oiv files for little things but the package creator is all types of messed up so I couldn't go back and place different things in it.

1.0: Well, I didn't know what to call this mod so I made up this goofy ass name. Anyway, I did this as a request that someone suggested a few months ago.I thought it was a cool idea but, i've been slacking on releasing this because i'm tired of making gang retextures and i've been trying to figure out other things to mod on this game. I don't really care if people hate on this because once again this was a request and the idea sounded interesting to me. Hate it or love it wooooooooo.
What this mod does is it simply switches the colors of Families to purple and Ballas to green and switches their voices around.

If you want a true experience, I added audio files that will switch around their voices to match. I also edited Lamar & Stretch, in the next version I will edit D & Gerald and hopefully I will be able to edit car colors and stuff like that if someone could tell me how. I'm not sure when i'll release the next version though so bare with me. If you don't like the .oiv format, unpack it manually and read the assembly.xml to see where each file goes. Enjoy!
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