Southside Ballas & Original Covenant Ballas Retexture 2.0 Fix

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Update 3: Fixed up OCB a little bit to look more like the other mods I put out recently. This is for people who don't want to play as B's/P's & C's. Added a black t shirt, two purple shirts (one dark purple, one is a lighter purple) There's also a white t-shirt but it was already there :P Added tattoos. Removed logos on varsity jackets and made them look cleaner.
P.S. I am dogshit at taking pics so bear with me on them.
Fix: Found a fix for an annoying pants bug that I didn't see until now ;_; While I was at it, I readded the white sneakers.
Update 2: Added Southside Ballas and got rid of their logos and replaced their pants. Changed colors of two of their hoodies. Removed all logos on their tank tops and hoodies. Fixed Readme. Please read it. Follow the instructions please or it won't work ingame most likely.

Update 1:
This mod simply is a slight retexture of what members of "Original Covenant Ballas" wear. I did the following:
- Removed all logos on the shirts of Original Covenant Ballas clothes. Giving them plain white t-shirts. I left the logos on their back because for some reason they don't bother me as much.
- Replaced their pants with some I found in Franklin's wardrobe (you can see which ones on the pic)
- Switched a pair of shoes around
I will try to edit and retexture more when we can properly edit character models.
Readme for installation is inside the archive, couldn't fit everything here.
Future Updates:-Whenever we can edit ped models fully, I will try getting rid of those awful varsity jackets & bandanas from the head of gang members (what is this, the 90s?)
-Get rid of that cross chain.
And more I can't think of atm.
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