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Well, well, well. After all this time I'M BACK! (in case someone cared)

And what I have is a brand new, better than ever, very realistic and pretty sexy NOOSE TRU for all those that seek to enforce federal oppresion with STYLE.
I have THREE diffrent options for you:

- NOOSE GTA IV-style - a darker uniform
- NOOSE Khaki - sefl-explanatory
- NOOSE Portland - when searching it popped up, bacially a woodland camo

A very simple mod, yet it would be impossible without the RDE team providing so many wonderful peds in their new 4.0 update. I encourage you to check them out (link below) and want to thank them for allowing me to use their assets for this mod.

As always, if you feel like using anything for your game - please do, just credit.

Have fun, make mistakes, keep going!


1. Drag and drop(extract) your desired folder from to your desktop(or other handy place)

2. Open OpenIV, if you don't have it check this tutorial (

3. If you don't have a [mods] folder create one.

4. Enable [EDIT MODE] in upper right corner.

5. Go to x64e.rpf and click "Copy to «mods» folder"

6. Go to mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_s_m_y.rpf

7. Drag and drop all 4 files(s_m_y_swat_01.ydd etc.) from your chosen ped folder into mentioned above directory

8. Done!

------SIDE NOTES------
Now, this new NOOSE TRU model will replace vanilla NOOSE/SWAT, if you want it to replace a diffrent model you need to change names of those 4 files to match that models file names and replace them in that models directory


If you are a modder and want to use this ped's components or textures in any way I don't have a problem with that BUT credit me appropriately


Peds this one is based on - Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced by RDE Team (

Small components, textures, remodelling - Borealis (ME)
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